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Winter Preparations for your Hot Tub


There are a few things to do for preparing for winter storms.  Since frigid air tends to motivate us to stay inside, it’s easy sometimes to overlook our own backyards.  Here are a few simple things to prepare and check in order to keep your maintenance headaches low and safety levels high.

Remove any loose yard equipment, detach water hoses and pick up any loose large limbs or debris.  Trim any branches rubbing against your home or roof, and especially pay extra attention to neighbors’ trees that may potentially harm your property.  We encourage you to look at power lines and take appropriate measures in getting your lines cleared from trees or branches.

As far as your hot tub care , you can inspect the cover, cabinet and shell for any cracks or damage. Address this promptly and make sure all repairs or maintenance are taken care of.  If needed, purchase a new cover to protect your investment.

Check your key chemicals for sanitizing and your regular routine of care and make sure you have plenty on hand.  It is great to have access to your hot tub and have supplies available- when bad weather is looming roads and stores can grow quite hectic.  A nice, relaxing time in your hot tub should begin as such.  When you are prepared and have everything you need for the perfect soak it only makes your hot tub in Moore time that much better.

There are some additional preparations to make for protecting your hot tub.  For low temperatures falling below 5F (-15C), it is recommended that a 2” (5.08cm) insulation board or blanket be secured to the inside of the hot tub’s equipment compartment door. IMPORTANT: When daytime outside temperatures reach 60F (15.6C), the equipment compartment insulation must be removed to prevent overheating of the equipment.

During certain times of the year or around vacation and travel schedules, you may not use the spa on a frequent basis. For low-use times, e.g., less than two weeks, do not do anything to your hot tub.  If your no-use periods will span from two to six weeks lower the temperature to the lowest setting of 80 F (26°C) or place in low range heat mode. Lowering the temperature will cut the cost of operation.  Remember though that you will need to adjust the temperature setting approximately 4 hours before use in order to heat the spa to 100 F (38°C).

IMPORTANT: During all low- and no-use periods, be sure to maintain the spa water by following instructions in your Water Chemistry plan.

IMPORTANT: For all no-use periods, be sure to have someone go by weekly to visually check your spa is functioning correctly and to also maintain the spa water appropriately. Not doing so may lead to corrosion, staining, and/or scaling to the spa and its equipment. During periods of freezing temperatures, a spa that has malfunctioned may be subject to damaged plumbing or equipment as a result of ice buildup within the spa. When you are not planning to use the spa for six or more weeks, or when someone is not able to maintain the spa on a weekly basis, you should winterize the spa.

If you are uncertain how to prepare or plan please call us at  (405) 605-5330.