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Where Is the Best Place to Put Hot Tubs in Edmond?


If you want to upgrade your outdoor living space, consider adding hot tubs in Edmond. These quality features create the perfect space to relax and gather with friends and family. To get the most out of your spa and ensure that this investment in your landscape is worthwhile, it is essential to choose the perfect location.

When Deciding Where to Put Hot Tubs Jenks, Consider the Following:

Structural Support

As you think of possible placements, it is important to remember that hot tubs are heavy. In addition to the dry weight of the shell (which is already hundreds of pounds), spas contain thousands of pounds of water. They also hold several hundred more pounds when people are inside of them. Your hot tub must have a proper foundation that is structurally sound enough to handle that weight. Many hot tub experts recommend a concrete slab that is at least 4 inches thick.

Ease of Maintenance

Regarding hot tub maintenance, you will need to regularly check the water’s quality and sometimes replace the water entirely. It is essential to consider your spa care routine when choosing the location. In particular, when this feature is close to your house, it can be easier to remember to check and balance the water. There is a chance that repairs and maintenance checks may occasionally be necessary; as such, ensure the equipment access panel is easy for you or a hot tub repair person to access.

Water Drainage

Because you will drain the water a few times a year, you need to consider where that water will go afterward. It is best to place hot tubs Jenks near an existing drain or in an area where you can have a drain installed. Make sure that any drainage channels direct away from the spa’s equipment compartment. You do not want drained spa water or rainwater to pool around this area.

Ease of Use

Hot tubs in Edmond create the perfect space to relax and unwind; their location may determine how frequently you use it. Often, the closer your spa is to your home, the easier it becomes to enjoy its benefits. Consider placing it on your patio instead of choosing an area at the back of your yard. If you do not have enough space there, consider adding a new concrete slab near your house for the hot tub.

Delivery Access

In addition to considering the placement of your hot tub, you need to consider how this feature will get to that chosen area. The delivery and installation crew must have a clear and wide path to bring the spa through. If necessary, you may need to temporarily take down railing, gates, or sections of your fence. If structures make it impossible to clear a path, a crane may be required to move the spa closer to its ideal location.

The Best Place for Hot Tubs in Edmond

The best place to put a hot tub is a sturdy concrete slab that is close to your home in an area with good drainage. Often, this may be your existing patio! To transform this area into an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxation, you may consider adding additional features, like a pergola for shade or potted plants to increase privacy.

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