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Where Is the Best Place to Install Swim Spas Tulsa?


There is nothing quite like a swim spa to improve your physical and mental well-being. This hybrid spa and pool provides opportunities for both exercise and relaxation. Have you been searching for swim spas near me? Before making the investment, consider where you will install your new swim spa.

Installing Swim Spas Oklahoma


The first step to establishing where you should install a swim spa is its size. Although swim spas are much smaller than lap pools, they are larger than hot tubs. The make and model of the swims spas you are considering will help determine how much space you need for your installation. Keep in mind that you will need to leave room around the spa for compartment access, accessories, and getting in and out easily.


Swim spas Tulsa can go inside or outside. However, a swim spa will require a foundation sturdy enough to carry the load of a spa holding water. The manufacturer will have the information concerning the maximum filled weight so that you know what you need.

In addition to the weight, the surface for your swim spa should be flat and stable. Any shifting below your swim spa will cause unnecessary stress and possible damage. Concrete slabs, pavers, pea gravel, and bricks are ideal for holding swim spas Oklahoma.

A contractor will be able to inspect the area you have in mind and inform you if it can handle the weight and remain balanced. Additionally, the Bullfrog Spas OKC, Tulsa team can prepare your space for installation, including concrete and electrical work.


No matter where you install your swim spa, it needs to be near an electrical source. A professional will need to do the wiring. Any spa that is not plug and play (120V) will need to be wired to the electrical circuit.


To maintain your swim spa well, you will occasionally need to drain it. Improperly draining a hot tub or swim spa can cause damage to the electrical components or flooding in the yard. The manufacturer will provide clear instructions on how to drain the spa. However, proper draining may require access to a hose or a plumbed drain.


While this mainly applies to indoor installations, swim spas Tulsa must be in well-ventilated areas. First, the chemicals used to keep the water clean can become overwhelming in closed-in spaces, particularly for anyone with respiratory problems.

If you do decide to install your swim spa indoors, poor ventilation will increase the condensation build-up in the room by trapping steam. Even if you have waterproof floors, too much moisture can cause mildew or dry rot.

Choosing Swim Spas Near Me

At Bullfrog Spas OKC, Tulsa, we only sell the very best swim spas available on the market. In addition to only providing quality products, we also install, move, and service your spa when necessary. If you have any questions about swim spas, hot tubs, or pergolas, please do not hesitate to reach out or visit one of our three locations.