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What Is the Difference Between Swim Spas Near Me and Lap Pools?


Swim spas Tulsa are part of a growing health and fitness trend. They are large enough for swimming and other exercises but also provide hot tub jets to help you relax. So, what are the differences between swim spas and lap pools, and which one is best for you?

Pools and Swim Spas Oklahoma


The obvious difference between pools and swim spas is the size. If you plan on having a pool large enough for swimming laps, you will need enough space to make the laps worth swimming. On average, lap pools are roughly 10 feet wide and 20 feet long or even longer.

When you search for “swim spas near me,” you will notice that they are smaller than pools. For example, the largest Swim Series from Bullfrog Spas is 94 inches (7.83 feet) x 204 inches (17 feet). If you have a smaller space, a swim spa may be the best choice for you.

Along with the size of the pool or spa, you need to consider the resources necessary for installation.


If you decide to install a lap pool, you need to consider the excavation as well as any clearance necessary for people to enter and exit the pool safely once it is complete. Additionally, your yard needs to be able to fit the equipment required to install the pool, such as a backhoe, cement, fiberglass, and other materials and equipment.

On the other hand, swim spas Tulsa typically do not need excavation. While you will require a few feet of clearance and access to an electrical and water source, a spa does not require much additional space.

When You Can Use It

A lap pool is often seasonal in use. Unless you choose to pay extra for a heater, it is improbable that you will be swimming in the winter. Swim spas Oklahoma, on the other hand, can be used year-round. All you need to do is make sure that the spa is located someplace protected from the elements, such as a covered patio.


Of course, the cost is always an important factor to consider. For a pool, calculating the entire cost is a bit more complex. You have the price of the installation as well as the pool. An in-ground pool will also require permits, fencing, and landscaping. Additionally, it can take quite a while to complete installation. A swim spa needs a stable base, such as a concrete pad, and an electrical hookup. However, the total installation cost will be lower for a spa than for an in-ground pool.

Let’s not forget the operating costs. In-ground swimming pools require large pumps, which eat into the electric bill. The bill will also be higher if you decide to heat the pool. With the energy efficiency of the Swim Series, the operating costs will be much lower.

Making a Choice

Naturally, these are just a few things to consider when searching for “swim spas near me.” Your budget, space, and needs will all factor into your final decision. If you have any questions about swim spas, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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