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What Exterior Materials Are Best for Hot Tubs in Moore?


If you are interested in Moore hot tubs, consider buying one that can last for years to come. After all, a hot tub is a financial investment, and you want to avoid problems with it after only a few months. Before purchasing a spa, consider what materials make up the exterior.

Exteriors of Hot Tubs Near Me

There are several options when it comes to hot tub exteriors, and each has its own set of pros and cons.


A wooden exterior creates a unique look for a hot tub. As a stronger, higher-quality lumber, cedar is the best choice. However, wood and water do not always go well together. Cedar requires extra care compared to other exterior materials you will find. No matter how strong lumber is, it will always be prone to mold and decay.


Vinyl is a common exterior for hot tubs in Moore. Many manufacturers choose vinyl because it is cost-effective. As a result, hot tubs may be less expensive, but the upfront savings come at a cost. Vinyl does not hold heat very well, which means that the pump will have to work overtime. Additionally, UV rays will cause vinyl to fade faster than other materials.


Fiberglass is not the most durable material available; it is a thin substance that can scratch and chip easily. It does, however, resist fading and staining.


Acrylic is the most durable material on the market, which is why the shells of Bullfrog Spas’ hot tubs in Moore are made from acrylic. These exteriors provide excellent insulation as well as a beautiful aesthetic.

Interiors of Hot Tubs Near Me

While it is important to consider the exterior of a hot tub, the interior is just as vital. The interior frames of many brands are wood. As already mentioned, there are better materials to pair with water than wood.

On the other hand, Bullfrog Spas uses its patented EnduraFrame™ components to create hot tubs and swim spas. These molded frames do not have any corrosive materials, ensuring that this hot tub frame will not quickly deteriorate with exposure to moisture.

Another Bullfrog difference is the plumbing. Many hot tub manufacturers have complex plumbing systems that are complete with multiple failure points for leaks. The JetPak Therapy System™, on the other hand, only has ten percent of the plumbing used by conventional hot tub makers, and simplified plumbing results in fewer leaks. Additionally, it is easier to fix a leak in a Bullfrog Spa because the pipes are much more accessible.

Choosing Moore Hot Tubs

When choosing a hot tub, there are many factors to consider. If you are looking for a quality spa you can enjoy for years, there is no comparison to the inventory we carry at Bullfrog Spas OKC Tulsa. If you have any questions about our hot tubs, swim spas, or other products, please do not hesitate to reach out. A member of our team will be happy to guide you to find the best hot tub for your needs and budget.