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What Do You Put a Hot Tub on Outside?


Before purchasing any Edmond hot tubs, you want to make sure that your hot tub will only need regular hot tub maintenance. You can help avoid damage and costly hot tub repair by having the proper base for your spa before installing it. So, what type of base should you use? Fortunately, you have options.

Avoid Hot Tub Repair

If you are considering putting your spa directly onto the grass or dirt in your yard, you might want to reconsider. Edmond hot tubs are a financial investment that needs proper care and hot tub maintenance.

Spas are also extremely heavy, and their thousands of pounds of weight will swiftly sink into the ground, risking the structural integrity of the hot tub. Think about a house without any foundation. In addition to their weight, you must also consider moisture damage. The inside is made to hold water, not the outside. Over time, water damage could lead to an expensive hot tub repair.

Types of Bases

Decks - An outdoor deck can efficiently act as a base for your spa. To be safe, however, you will want to make sure that the deck can hold the weight of your hot tub without additional framing or reinforcements. Having a professional take a look will ensure that your spa and deck are both safe and secure.

Patios - A well-constructed patio or terrace is ideal for a hot tub foundation. If your patio is not level or made of pavers above a layer of sand, there could be shifting earth below your hot tub.

Concrete - Concrete is the ideal foundation for any structure when it is poured correctly. Make sure that you dig four inches deep, and the cement is poured evenly. A concrete slab can go almost anywhere you want to place your hot tub.

Gravel - Gravel bases are great for drainage, but you have to take the time to ensure that your gravel base is done well. The area for the gravel needs to be roughly six inches deep and level. First, add a landscaping cloth. Then fill the first four inches of the space with medium gravel before adding smaller gravel to the top. Smooth the surface with a rake, and you are ready for your hot tub.

Premade Pads - If you do not want to create a base for your spa, you can always choose to purchase one. There are a variety of prefabricated bases available. A supplier of Edmond hot tubs will be able to guide you to the best options for your hot tub model.

Purchasing a hot tub is an investment that will benefit your physical and emotional health. If you buy a hot tub, you want to do everything possible to preserve its longevity and keep it in good working condition. Part of this is having a solid base for your hot tub. If you have any questions about hot tubs OKC and their care, the experts at Bullfrog Spas OKC are here to help you. Please contact us about purchasing, installing, or caring for your spa.