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What Chemicals Do I Need for Swim Spas Tulsa?


Swim spas Tulsa provide the opportunity for low-impact exercise as well as the chance to relax and spend quality time with family. As with any large purchase, it is a good idea to understand the care and maintenance requirements so your spa will have a long life. Swim spas are similar to hot tubs when it comes to the chemicals used.

Water Chemistry and Swim Spas Tulsa

The water chemistry of a swim spa has the same requirements as a traditional hot tub. Once you install your swim spa, you will be responsible for monitoring the alkalinity, pH levels, and sanitation. By making sure that your water chemistry is balanced, your swim spa will be safe to use. You will also prevent corrosion and build-up from damaging your spa.


If you have been researching “swim spas near me,” you may have seen references to testing strips. These strips are simple to use and will give you the pH, alkalinity, and sanitation levels. The alkalinity of the water needs to be 80ppm to 120ppm. When the alkalinity is high, it will prevent your disinfectant from working correctly. As a result, the water can become cloudy as minerals and oils build up. If the alkalinity is not within these parameters, try using a total alkalinity increaser or decreaser. High alkaline levels could indicate hard water or other issues that might require the guidance of your dealer.


The pH in swim spas Oklahoma goes hand-in-hand with the alkalinity and determines how acidic the water is. Always make sure to test the pH before adding sanitizing chemicals. The ideal pH is between 7.2 and 7.8. The lower the pH is, the more acidic the water is. If pH falls below 7.2, corrosion and eye irritation can occur. A higher pH indicates higher alkalinity. There are pH increasers and pH decreasers available to address both issues and keep your spa running smoothly.


The warm water in swim spas Oklahoma is the perfect environment for viruses and bacteria to grow, which is why sanitizers are necessary for hot tubs and swim spas. The two commonly used sanitizers are bromine and chlorine.

It takes longer to treat water with bromine, but you will not have to retreat the water quite as often as you do with chlorine. Chlorine, on the other hand, dissolves much faster and is cheaper than bromine. However, you will need to treat your water more frequently with chlorine. Some people test out both to see what they prefer.

If the test strips indicate that the sanitizer levels are too low, you need to add more of your chosen chemical.

Of course, this is a quick overview of maintaining the water in a swim spa or hot tub. When you search for “swim spas near me,” consider the Swim Series from Bullfrog Spas. They come with the quality, look, and comfort you expect, and finding chemicals is easy. Feel free to reach out to Bullfrog OKC Tulsa at any of our locations to learn more about our swim spas.