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Ways to Cure the Winter Time Blues


Daylight Savings Time hits, and as we “fall back” one hour we also experience less sunlight.  The days of flip flops, pool parties, sun-kissed skin and family BBQs are gone… least for six months.  Fall and Winter provide an opportunity to connect with your family, prepare for the holidays, organize and perhaps rekindle a relationship with the indoor hobby(ies) you’ve abandoned for time spent outside.

There are ways to cure the blues and “keep on the sunny side,” and we will share a few tips with you to have a memorable and fun Winter!

Board games are a great pastime, and we see less of them with the surge of mobile devices, tablets and laptops’ offerings of app’s and electronic games.  Now that holiday gift ideas being stocked, some family favorites like Scrabble or Monopoly can be quick and inexpensive finds.  You may have a friend or family member who hasn’t played- introduce a game to someone and play away!

Pick up the phone, and call a friend or loved one.  Texting and social media prohibit all of us from sometimes giving that extra personal touch.  A voice, emotion and connecting with someone over the phone is an excellent way to deliver a smile to both of you.  Anyone can send and receive texts or use social media to chat.  But… A phone call could just spread that cheer and put a pep in someone’s step that day.

Have a recipe swap with your friends and family.  Make ten copies of your favorite winter dish, and pass it around.  Ask others to share their delicious fare with you.  Then, if you really want to get happy, invite everyone over with his or her dish and enjoy the food together!  Handwritten recipe cards are also becoming extinct, so pick up some notecards or use index cards to handwrite the recipe if  you’re really feeling adventurous.  You can also use this as an opportunity to teach others about loved ones who are gone, while you honor them by preparing and sharing their favorite dishes.

Have a movie night. Let everyone wear pajamas, pop some popcorn, and put in a new release or a family favorite.  Get extra ambitious and challenge everyone to put their mobile devices in a basket- encourage everyone to “unplug” and focus on the company and the movie.  You will realize the importance of cherished times and how well you can listen and focus without the distraction of your phones.  Give yourself and those participating in movie night the gift of your completely focused time, which is priceless.

Consider Hot Tub ownership-Your whole family will praise you for bringing home a fun hot tub, especially a customizable Bullfrog Spa. Children will think the spa is fun, and a family hot tub will provide an open forum to communicate and stay connected with your mate, regardless of if you have children. Every hot tub enthusiast will especially appreciate hydrotherapy's soothing effects and pain relief of the JetPak Therapy System.  For skipping a few meals out a month you could have a permanent retreat, a stay-cation - year-round - in the comfort of your own backyard. Get your family away from the distractions of TV, internet, cell phones, and video games. Sit back, relax, talk a bit and have fun together with hot tub time.

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