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For Justin L’Heureux, his spa time is more than a leisurely moment of peace and calm to break up his busy day. As an action sports photographer, his job keeps him going at all times in the craziest of situations. His Bullfrog Spa provides a therapeutic way to decompress and relax with its interchangeable jetpaks. Soaking in the hot tub helps him go to bed well rested so that he can wake up with the energy to conquer all the action his day brings.
Kate Nowlan is no stranger to an active lifestyle. As an entrepreneur with a passion for adventure, she is always on the go. From mountain biking to water skiing to wakeboarding and surfing, she rarely has time to sit still. In order to maintain her healthy lifestyle, she makes time to relax in her Bullfrog Spas hot tub. The adjustable jets allow her the option to target certain muscle groups with just the right amount of frequency. With spa time, she is able to recover from her adventures and relax.
There are plenty of reasons to be stressed, but all you need is one simple way to decompress. With a Bullfrog spa to come home to, relaxation and rest will become a major part of your day. Spend time with those you love with a personalized spa built for your needs. Visit your local Bullfrog Spa dealer and bring happiness home!