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How to Throw The Ultimate Hot Tub Party


A relaxing spa bubbling under the stars, great tunes, close friends, fun games, delicious food,  and a freshly uncorked bottle of that’s entertaining!

Owning a Bullfrog Spa completely transforms your empty backyard into a stylish and inviting space for family and friends. Check out this list for some ideas on how to turn any normal get together into a backyard oasis to entertain friends and family around your hot tub this summer.

Mood. Set the mood with candles or outdoor garden lighting to avoid using bright floodlights or backyard patio lights. Make sure the yard has been trimmed back and unseemly landscaping has been cleared. Also, do a good cleaning of the hot tub the day before the party so it is fresh for guests.

Music. Nothing keeps a party going like a good playlist. Dial in a casual playlist or find a good station on your phone/ipod and plug it into your hot tub’s waterproof stereo system for endless tunes while keeping you and your electronics safe.

Drinks. Whether it is a signature cocktail for the night or various mocktails for the whole family, being able to sip and relax at the same time is key. Consider setting up a drink table right next to the spa, or if you’re feeling extra crafty you can create a floating bar for the hot tub using pool noodles.

Water. Surprisingly, being in water all night can have the tendency to dehydrate you due to heat and steam. Make sure there is plenty of water available to guests and that they are getting a cup of water every hour or so. Make it fun by using umbrellas with names on them or marking cups for each person so they are able to keep track of their cups and feel inclined to use them often.

Food. Entertaining isn’t complete without snacks and grub to enjoy for the evening. Consider hosting a themed potluck like finger food or dips. Everyone will be excited to share their clever dish, and those getting out of the hot tub for snacks will make room for others waiting to get in. Maybe even get a fire pit going for people to dry off next to after the hot tub and roast marshmallows for s’mores.

Games. For those cycling in and out of the hot tub, (or for kids to be entertained while parents relax) yard games are a great addition to your evening of fun. Cornhole, horseshoes, ladder ball, giant Jenga, giant Kerplunk, etc. are all great outdoor games for all ages. Maybe even get a friendly competition going, Girls vs. Boys or Parents vs. Kids.

Seating. To make the focus around the hot tub, provide extra seating around the spa. Building benches along the sides of the hot tub OKC make it easy for others to sit around and chat with those in the water, and seating can double as tablespace for drinks.

Towels. Guests will clearly know to bring their own suits, but towels are usually an afterthought. Make sure to have stacks of freshly laundered towels, at least 2 per person, to ensure all those getting in and out during the night have a dry towel to use.

Jets. Make sure to end your night with a round of massaging jets and send your guests home relaxed and ready for bed.

Whether it’s a group of close friends, a private ladies night with your girlfriends, the whole family, or a romantic evening, your hot tub can be the perfect place to host an entertaining evening.

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