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The Best Fun Hot Tub Games for All Ages


Many people use hot tubs for relaxing; they can be a perfect opportunity for family bonding. There are plenty of fun things to do in a hot tub. Here are some games that families can enjoy in their hot tubs in Moore.

Games to Play in a Hot Tub

Obviously, fun hot tub games should not be too rowdy.


This simple group game only requires two plastic cups. Add water to one cup so that it will still float. Pass the cup around the group, with each person adding a small amount of water to it. The person to sink the cup is out. Repeat the process until there is only one player left.

20 Questions

A classic, this is one of the safe games to play in a hot tub. If you need a refresher, one person chooses an item to keep in mind. The rest of the group gets to ask 20 questions to guess the answer. The person who guesses correctly wins. If there is no correct guess, the player who chose the item wins.

Rubber Duck Race

All you need are some rubber ducks. The goal is to splash or blow your duck to the other side of the hot tub first. The first one to make it to the other side of the hot tub will win.

Dodge the Ping Pong Ball

Throw a few ping pong balls into the spa, roughly five. The goal is to keep your feet planted and dodge the balls by moving and twisting in your spot.

Other Fun Things to Do in a Hot Tub

There are fun things to do in a hot tub besides play games. If you have a television nearby or a hot tub monitor, you can watch movies or shows. Just make sure to take breaks from the hot water. You can also listen to music or podcasts, provided you have the equipment to do it safely.