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Spa Safety

Hot Tubs are fun, therapeutic and provide lots of benefits in all facets of life.  While your private retreat or much needed time to connect with loved ones is priceless, there are some safety tips we recommend following for you and your family to safely enjoy your spa. Proper Ventilation Indoor spas should be ventilated […]
Hot Tub Chemicals

SilkBalance 101

Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City is the Authorized SilkBalance Dealer for the State of Oklahoma. #1 What is SilkBalance? It is laboratory-formulated and is a blend of buffering and sequestering agents to balance spa water. In addition, SilkBalance’s other additives  act to preserve water in a fresh state and protect the hot tub’s components like […]
Hot Tubs- Misconceptions And Reality

Hot Tubs- Misconceptions and Reality

I hear the stigmas and underlying tones of bad tastes in mouths from “the old days” of hot tubs and the difficulty with spa maintenance.  The game has changed-drastically.  What once was testing chemicals, draining and refilling, having a nasty film around the top edge of the water, and working at enjoying the spa more […]