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How to Choose the Right Hot Tub for Family Leisure OKC

If you are ready to enjoy family leisure OKC activities, why not look into purchasing a hot tub?

Is It Worth It to Get an Above Ground Pool?

There is nothing like summer in Oklahoma. As the weather heats up, above-ground pools in OKC and above-ground pools in Edmond become an oasis where the family can stay cool and have fun.
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7 Hot Tub Exercises to Improve Your Health

Although exercise is important, it may not be for everyone. For some people, exercising may not be an option due to medical issues for others, it is simply not enjoyable. A great alternative is water exercising. While having a fun and relaxing time soaking in a hot tub, including water exercising is not only enjoyable […]
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Spring Cleaning Starts from Within

In addition to yard work and home preparations for the warmer months many people use Spring Cleaning as a season to knock out the honey-do’s, cross off projects that had been delayed due to weather, purchase luxury or home items, prepare to move into a new space, etc.   Vacations, holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day are […]
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Mental Health and Hot Tubs

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than achieving optimal physical wellness. Mental health is just as important for ensuring longevity and long-term wellness. One’s mental state, levels of stress, anxiety and sleep habits can have severe negative consequences. You can start today and begin a path to improve your total body, mind and spirit’s health.  […]
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Date Night Perfected .... with a Hot Tub

If you’re looking to warm up your partner, a nice jacket or robe could be an option…..but if you really want to turn up the heat, a hot tub could be YOUR gift that keeps on giving this year. Our customers intend to use their Bullfrog Spas for hydrotherapy and health benefits, but also for […]