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What Causes pH to Drop in a Hot Tubs Tulsa?

Balancing the pH is a priority for any hot tub owner. Always try to keep the pH of Edmond hot tubs in a range from 7.2 to 7.8.
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How To Install a Hot Tub: Important Factors Before You Begin

When you purchase a new hot tub OKC, it’s the last thing on your mind is determining the logistics of actually installing this new feature in your backyard. You’re ready to get your dream spa home, set up, and climb inside for a nice, relaxing soak. Prior to bringing your hot tub home, you need […]
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Quick & Easy Steps to a Clean Hot Tub

Sitting in your hot tub is a great way to unwind, relax, and enjoy being outside all year long. It’s well known that hydrotherapy can ease muscle pain, improve circulation (which helps to reduce joint pain), lowers stress, and can aid in a better night’s sleep. With all these amazing benefits, you may wonder about the […]
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Hot Tub Chemistry: An Easy-to-Follow Water Care Guide

As the proud new owner of a hot tub, we know you’re ready to take the plunge and experience a few moments of luxurious relaxation. However, if you are worried about hot tub chemistry, relaxing might not come easily. At Bullfrog Spas OKC, we’ve put together a hot tub chemical guide that will relieve any […]