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How Do I Store Hot Tub Chemicals Safely?

Owning a hot tub Oklahoma City will typically requires you to handle chemicals. However, it is essential that you store your chemicals safely between each use.

Are Water Test Strips for Hot Tubs Accurate?

Not only does managing the water chemistry in Edmond hot tubs prevent the build-up of bacteria, but it also keeps your hot tub working efficiently.

How Much Hot Tub Water Is Needed for Testing

All hot tubs Oklahoma require frequent testing to stay free of contaminants and continue working at their optimal performance. Of course, you cannot be sure that your hot tub water testing is accurate unless you know what you are doing at each step of the process. Spa Water Testing The Water The first step in […]

Spa Safety

Hot Tubs are fun, therapeutic and provide lots of benefits in all facets of life.  While your private retreat or much needed time to connect with loved ones is priceless, there are some safety tips we recommend following for you and your family to safely enjoy your spa. Proper Ventilation Indoor spas should be ventilated […]