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If you are ready to choose between a pool or a hot tub OKC, swim spas Oklahoma offer the best of both worlds. As with any Bullfrog product, our swim spas are made with the highest quality materials and have an excellent design.

Whether you desire to swim or simply relax, you can enjoy using your spa throughout the year, knowing that you have a product that is built to last.

What Are Swim Spas OKC?

Swim spas Tulsa are both longer and deeper than any traditional spa, making it possible for you to comfortably swim in them. However, they still have many of the same features as a conventional hot tub. These features include:


  • Massaging jets.
  • Water purification.
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Options for stereo, lighting, and water features.
Swim Series | Bullfrog Spas of OKC

The Versatility of Swim Spas Oklahoma

If you love to swim, a swim spa can make your favorite form of exercise enjoyable all year. After all, very few people enjoy pools in the colder months. With Bullfrog Spas swim spas, all you have to do is adjust the water to a comfortable temperature and get an excellent workout in before relaxing in your spa. Additionally, not everyone has the space to install a pool. This is not a problem when you purchase a Bullfrog swim spa OKC.

Since your swim spa has many of the same features as a hot tub, you can install your favorite jetpack, relax, and take advantage of all of the therapeutic benefits a Bullfrog Spa has to offer.

Like any other Bullfrog Spas product, this swim spa has an elegant exterior that will complement any space. It is the perfect place to entertain friends or spend time together as a family. You can always add a water feature or a lighting package for an additional wow factor.

Swim Series weights | Bullfrog Spas of OKC
Swim Series bands | Bullfrog Spas of OKC

Should you have any questions about our swim spas, please feel free to contact us or visit one of our three locations. We look forward to helping you.


What is a good temperature for a swim spa OKC?
Most people adjust the temperature to around 80 degrees.
How do you get exercise in a swim spa?
A swim spa creates a current that allows you to swim in place.
What are the benefits of a swim spa?
Swim spas are ideal for anyone who would like the benefit of exercise without adding stress to the joints. The water buoyancy takes weight off the body, making movement less painful.
How many people can fit in a swim spa?

The sizes of swim spas vary. They can hold between 9 to 13 people.

What is a swim spa and hot tub combo?
With this combination, there are dual temperature zones. One person can swim while the other person relaxes with the jets.
Can you add any exercise accessories to a swim spa?
The short answer is yes. Any accessories will need to be waterproof and fit well into the swim spa.