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Spring Cleaning Starts from Within


In addition to yard work and home preparations for the warmer months many people use Spring Cleaning as a season to knock out the honey-do’s, cross off projects that had been delayed due to weather, purchase luxury or home items, prepare to move into a new space, etc.   Vacations, holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day are all occasions for gathering and gift giving- any time a camera can capture monumental memories you will forever reflect on these milestones in life.

As you plan your free time and fulfill your fun tank there are times you will be alone, or in the best of company.  Regardless of who you surround yourself with think about stretching your dollars to maximize a happier, healthier you.  We have a list of some Spring Cleaning additions we believe to be effective in clearing your space and preparing for relishing completely in times of enjoyment.

1. Give it Away

The best gifts we can receive may not be store-bought.  There’s the adage “One man’s trash is another treasure.” Look at anything you can use to recreate something hand made or gain inspiration from Pinterest.  As our closets rotate the wardrobes of the season, it’s an opportune time to pass things on to charities.  A rule of thumb is for each item brought into your space, one item should be removed.

There are several we support in the community, but some ideas are here:

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2. Get in check with your financial goals

Use the manageable warmer temperatures as a time to recoup from winter spending and financially project for the months to come.  Tax preparations and that decision of how to pay your taxes or what to do with forthcoming refund money crosses many people’s minds.  Set some three or six-month goals. (and here’s a shameless plug: we offer in-house and credit union financing if there’s a hot tub in your future). This has been a useful budgeting tool, and your bank or credit union may also have some online capabilities for your use.

3. Rest Up

Lastly, with Stress Awareness month upon us it’s time to clean your mind.  Get rid of the head trash and reflect on where you want to be mentally.  Essential oils, meditation, yoga, exercise, and yes, hydrotherapy,too, are all methods you can gain peace and stress management from. Focus on one or two changes a week and slowly incorporate steps into your routine.

Studies have shown those who make sleeping a priority get the most.  There are things you can do to improve your sleep.  With a level head and plenty of rest Spring Cleaning will appear manageable and can create a clean slate, or cleaner, to prepare you for the months ahead of enjoying the outside and activities, festivals, times with loved ones,etc.