Hot Tubs For Every Lifestyle in Oklahoma City

Shopping for and Buying your Hot Tub


Shopping for a hot tub can be overwhelming. You have made the decision, and possibly your creaking neck and stress levels remind you multiple times daily that it’s time for hydrotherapy.  We have shopped the hot tub market in Oklahoma City, and in fact, prior to opening the authorized dealership of Bullfrog Spas almost bought a different brand (AHHHHH gasp! Say it isn’t so!?!?- guess what, it is!)

There are a few things people voice concerns about, and we want to discuss those in this blog.

Electrical requirements

Get a licensed electrician to come and give you a no-cost estimate.  You may have premature sticker shock and fear something that truly is not near the cost you envision.

It is also recommended for the sake of your family’s safety, and we consider furry members as family members, too, that you have your electrical wiring checked.  Winter storms, ages of homes, changes in your neighborhood are among things that can all have an effect on your electricity.

Getting the environment ready

There are economical ways to use pavers, decking materials and incorporate a beautiful hot tub into the space that fits best for your family.  If budgeting calls for creating something that is not your dream keep this in mind- once you are in your Bullfrog Spa truly enjoying me time, or connecting with loved ones, and experiencing a more happy, healthy life you will not notice what sits under the tub.  After all, our goal is to keep you safe and have your hot tub in a stable location.  Here are some tips for preparation as well as a link to some of our Pinterest ideas.  There are also images of all models of our spas online, installed, in various environments.


Do your research! Read online reviews, talk to friends and family and visit with your sales person.  It’s okay to ask questions-we believe the most stupid question is the one left unasked.  Consider the time you were buying an auto or your first home. A Bullfrog Spa will be with you many years, and even if you plan to move locations this hot tub will most likely go with you.  Warranty information and truly trusting your sales person and the company is vital.  Our team will educate you and review all of these prior to any sale.


Considering how many people and truly what you will need your hot tub to do for you are the best starting points in selecting the proper hot tub.  It’s important to see how the hot tub fits, and we encourage you and any primary users to come into our showroom with your socks for the shopping experience (unless, of course, it’s a surprise).  Seeing how your/their body fits and checking lounger lengths are great gauges to choose the right size.  If you prefer more seats or a lounger in your Bullfrog Spa this exercise will steer you into the perfect hot tub fit.


Owning a hot tub and maintaining it is feasible and economical.  We will consult with you on chemicals, how to maintain and treat your hot tub and the water, review cycles and listen to your needs and wants.  This customer care will continue after we deliver and install your spa.  We do offer financing and have periodic promotions which offset the costs of the tub and sometimes include accessories.  Tax returns, bonus or commission checks, selling a luxury item you currently own that you/your family use(s) infrequently are all ways to find money for your Bullfrog Spa.

Our goal at Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City is to find you the best fit-financially and personally.  We listen, recognize the importance of this investment, and we will maintain the level of service you receive when you shop with us.  Our expertise and care for your enjoyment of your hot tub will last as long as you do.  The corporate support and warranty programs on our hot tubs are impeccable.

So what are you waiting for?!? Let’s get your spa design configured and discuss getting you into your own backyard retreat- happy, healthy, irreplaceable moments await you!