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Salt Water Systems


Congrats! You’ve done your research and purchased the hot tub of your dreams. However, before you jump in, now is the time to decide what kind of sanitation system you want—chlorine or saltwater. Both options come with pros and cons, so it is best to look at your lifestyle to see which option meets your needs and personal preferences.

To help you determine which option is best for you and your needs, here are some things to consider:

Chlorine & Bromine Systems

One of the more popular choices people tend to choose is chlorine. Chlorine is less expensive than many of the other sanitation systems on the market, easy to apply,  and is simple to use.  For some, the smell of chlorine can be overpowering and, if your pH and alkalinity levels aren’t right, can lead to skin irritation and red eyes.

Another option people have is to use bromine to keep their hot tub clean. Compared to chlorine, bromine treatments tend to be more intricate and take longer to dissolve in water. In addition, the upfront costs of bromine tend to be a little more expensive to chlorine but, because of less annual treatments, is usually recouped over time.

Saltwater Systems

Over the past few years, saltwater systems have grown in popularity. For those interested in going a more natural route, this option may be the best fit. Saltwater systems are a preferred choice due to the way it’s more gentle on skin, turning the water softer and avoiding skin irritation. Some other perks of choosing a saltwater system is that they can generate their own chlorine, which keeps the sanitation flow consistent.

If you’re interested in a saltwater system for your hot tub, be warned that salt can seriously damage the metal on your hot tub if you’re not diligent in your hot tub care. You should also be aware that the upfront costs of saltwater systems are more expensive compared to chlorine and bromine.

Regardless which option you decide to go with, remember it is important to test your water often to ensure the pH and alkalinity levels remain balanced. If either level is too high or too low, you have a greater chance of damaging your hot tub.

Deciding which type of chemistry to put in your hot tub is a big decision. Before deciding which option to go with take a moment to talk with one of our hot tub professionals to get a better idea of which system best fits your needs and lifestyle. When it comes to caring for your hot tub, this is too big of a decision to just wing it.