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Salt Water-Hot Tubs Pros & Cons


When investing in hot tubs OKC, you may find that you prefer a saltwater hot tub system instead of traditional chemical options. Before making your choice, consider the pros and cons of saltwater systems and whether they suit your needs and lifestyle.

Salt Water-Hot Tubs


People choose a spa saltwater system for many reasons.

  • Increased Buoyancy - Salt water in a hot tub will increase your buoyancy as well as your level of relaxation by taking an extra weight off the body.
  • Fewer Chemicals: When you add chlorine, ammonia, and other chemicals to the water, chloramines develop. Chloramines can be skin irritants, particularly for sensitive people. Saltwater hot tub systems reduce exposure to chloramines.
  • Simple Maintenance: Saltwater hot tub maintenance does not require the constant addition of chemicals to maintain balance. A spa saltwater system should have its pH tested on occasion, but you do not need to spend money on chemicals, and you can use the water safely for months.


There are a few drawbacks to purchasing saltwater hot tubs OKC.

  • Higher Cost: A saltwater hot tub has a higher initial cost than a traditional hot tub. You have to be ready to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the model you choose.
  • Corrosion: Most spa saltwater systems take corrosion into account, but it does not change salt water's nature. It can cause damage to metal and rubber, particularly if the salinity is kept too high.
  • Replace Cells - Saltwater cells only last a few years, roughly two to five years ,depending on your saltwater hot tub maintenance.
  • Temperature: To be effective at purifying the water, a saltwater hot tub must stay above60 degrees Fahrenheit. Many will automatically shut down once the temperature becomes too cold.
As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to saltwater hot tubs OKC. There are physical benefits that may be worth the higher price. If you have any questions about spa saltwater systems, please contact us, or visit one of our locations. We are here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect hot tub for your home.