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How To Relieve Sore Muscles & Joints with These Easy Hot Tub Exercises


There is nothing worse than suffering from arthritis, sore muscles, and stiff joints—along with any other ailment that causes pain and discomfort. For centuries many people have enjoyed the healing effects of hydrotherapy to help them find sore muscle relief along with reduce stress and find inner peace.

As you soak in the warm water, your circulation improves and endorphins are released, which reduces inflammation and muscle tension. Hydrotherapy also supports your muscles and connective tissues to improve flexible and balance. So whether you want to try a few simple stretches or some low-impact hot tub yoga, your body will begin to loosen up and relieve those sore areas in the process.  

Getting Started

The best part about hot tub exercise is that the process can be done on your own or with a partner. While doing your exercises alone is effective in relieving pain or a trusted partner can also help with some extra deep stretches. Before beginning any exercise program, remember to consult with your doctor or health professional.

Simple Stretches

To get started, figure out what problem areas you’d like to work on. Most people suffer from neck, shoulder, back, and hip pain—all of which can be helped with the proper stretching exercises.

Here are a few simple exercises you can try to help with these typical problem areas:

  • Shoulder & Arm Stretch.

    When your shoulders and upper back are tense tight, the following stretch is a great way to loosen those sore muscles. Raise one hand over your head, bend your elbow, and reach your hand behind your neck. Allow you fingers to rest on your upper back. With the opposite hand, pull your bent elbow toward your head. Lean your head back and feel the stretch. Hold for 5-8 seconds, taking some deep breaths, and release. Repeat on the opposite side.

  • Core Strengthener.

    A strong core can help to prevents injuries and keep your lower back healthy. While sitting, rest your hands next to your hips and keep your legs straight. Let both feet float to the water’s surface to create a V-shape with your body. Gently pull your knees towards your chest, then push them back out and into the straight-legged V-shape. Repeat as many times as you can and then take a break. Make sure to breath deeply with each movement.

  • Hamstring Stretch.

    If you’re dealing with stiffness in your lower back try this exercise. Grab an exercise band or strap and wrap the band around one foot. Sit up straight and then extend the foot until your leg is straight then bend your knee and lift it to your chest. Release and repeat several times with each leg.

As mentioned above, consult a doctor or health care professional before beginning any new exercise.

Learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and how to better relieve sore muscles and joint pain by contacting us at Bullfrog Spas OKC today. We are here to answer your questions and support you in your hot tub experience.