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What Should Really Matter When Buying a Hot Tub


Investing in Knowledge Pays High Dividends When Shopping for a Hot Tub.

What makes more sense when shopping for a hot tub? Is it first to consider the tubs zone lighting, waterfalls, stereos, or other fluff stuff? Or is it the quality of materials used to construct the spa, the warranty, potential service issues, reviews, and the manufacturer's reputation?

I asked the above questions because I've talked with many people that admitted they were mesmerized by lights and waterfalls, which distracted them from looking at what really makes for a quality hot tub. Yes, zone lighting and waterfalls are cool, but they offer zero to the longevity and performance of the hot tub.

WHAT SHOULD REALLY MATTER:  Is the hot tub I’m considering made using proven materials, the type that won’t rust, rot, be food or housing for insects and varmints? Is the tub backed by our industry's top tier warranty? Does the manufacturer have a reputation for truly innovative design and construction?

Are you shopping for a hot tub? If yes, then take 17 minutes in the comfort of your home to watch this very informative video. Water Reimagined - How Bullfrog Spas Changed Hot Tubs Forever