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Pool Recovery After a Winter Storm


Winter storm pool recovery might seem unnecessary if you have taken the necessary preparation for winter storm steps. Storms, however, do not always cooperate with our expectations. Recent winter storms are proof of how damaging nature can be. It is a wise move to understand pool recovery basics.

Winter Storm Pool Recovery

There are several pool dangers to consider in recovery and preparation for winter storms. Should you take the necessary precautions to protect your spa’s cover, you have a better chance of keeping your pool in excellent working order.

Excessive Snow

A dusting of snow should be no problem if you have a cover from Bullfrog Spas in Edmond. Snowfall of six inches or more, on the other hand, places extra weight on the cover, which can cause it to rip and fall into the pool. You can remove snow from the cover with a rake, broom, or a leaf blower to reduce the weight.


Ice and snow can cause falling limbs that will damage your pool cover. If it does rip, you may be better off going with a new pool cover from Bullfrog Spas in Edmond. Should debris fall into your pool, it could also damage panels, which you will want immediately fixed. You will also need to clean the pool and address the water balance as quickly as possible.


If you do develop ice on your pool, do not crack and remove it yourself. A cover pump will help you melt the ice and remove it safely. Do not melt the ice with a hairdryer, heat gun, or any other appliance. It is dangerous and can damage your pool cover.

Of course, prevention will protect your pool from damage. If a storm is coming, check your cover to ensure that it is fastened securely. Above ground pools will require a tight cable or winch. Taking necessary precautions will help prevent the wind from tearing off the cover and blowing debris into your pool. Of course, if you do have any problems with your pool or pool cover after a winter storm, please contact us. We are here to help you with any questions you may have.