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Outdoor vs. Indoor Hot Tubs Pros and Cons


When researching hot tubs in Moore or hot tubs OKC, you have to consider placement. This leads to whether you want to install your spa indoors or outdoors. At Bullfrog Spas in Moore, we know the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor hot tub installation. Of course, the final decision is based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Outdoor Hot Tubs in Moore


  • Moisture - Hot tubs naturally create steam and condensation. The benefit of keeping your hot tub outside is that the steam releases away from your home preventing damage.
  • Installation - Installing a hot tub outdoors is typically cheaper and easier than installing it indoors.
  • Drainage - Draining and refilling your spa is much easier when the water can flow directly into your yard. Additionally, you do not need to worry about spilling water everywhere.
  • Setting - If you have a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space, why not take in the scenery as you soak in your hot tub?



  • Maintenance - Outdoor hot tubs in Moore will require extra time for maintenance. Even with a cover, you cannot keep out all of the bugs and debris.
  • Privacy - When your hot tub is outside, you will need to take extra precautions to protect your privacy with landscaping, fencing. Or screens.
  • Weather - Outdoor spas are not enjoyable in every weather scenario, but most people do not use their hot tubs during severe weather events.


Indoor Hot Tubs OKC


  • Maintenance - Keeping a hot tub indoors provides protection. Without being constantly bombarded by the elements, less maintenance will be necessary.
  • Weather - Not only is your hot tub safe from bad weather indoors, but you can also access it in the rain and cold weather without any discomfort.
  • Privacy - Enjoy your hot tub without prying eyes when you keep it inside your house. Just remember to close the blinds.
  • Setting - If you have a sunroom or other space that you find relaxing, it could be the ideal spot for your spa. It all depends on where you want to be.



  • Installation - Installing a hot tub indoors is not a simple feat. There is a good chance that most hot tubs will not fit through your doorways, so make sure you have accurate measurements. You will also need a slab that can hold the weight, electricity, plumbing and drains to operate your hot tub and protect your home.
  • Ventilation - If your hot tub uses chemicals, you will need to make sure the space is well-ventilated. Additionally, trapped steam could lead to the growth of mold and mildew throughout your home when there is poor ventilation.
  • Moisture - It is essential to make sure that the area around your hot tub is water-resistant. This includes flooring, walls, and furniture. Even the most careful hot tub owner will spill some water as they get in and out and manage their water levels. Water-resistant building materials prevent problems before they start.

The decision of where to install your hot tub depends on your home and personal preference. If you have any questions about hot tub installation, please contact Bullfrog Spas in Moore. We would be happy to help you find the perfect hot tub.