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What You Need to Know About Moving a Hot Tub


Owning a hot tub OKC comes with a lot of upsides—fun, rest, relaxation. However, moving it can be a stress-filled chore. Moving a hot tub takes more planning and effort than simply grabbing a buddy with a truck and some spare time. It’s a time- and labor-intensive project that carries risks of property damage and/or personal injury if not done correctly.

Hot tubs are heavy. Small models are often around 500 pounds when empty, and larger models weigh an average of 1,000 pounds without water. If you’re moving to a new house, selling your hot tub, or simply relocating the tub to a new place on your property, you should give serious consideration to hiring a professional company to move it safely and securely.

However, if you choose to move it on your own, this handy guide can help you do it the right way.

What You’ll Need

Before you take on this project, make sure you have everything you need.

  • At least four people who can handle heavy lifting.
  • A moving truck or van that can handle your hot tub’s weight and dimensions.
  • Two 4-wheeled furniture dollies
  • Moving straps
  • Four 4x4 pieces of wood

How to Move the Hot Tub

Step One: Clear a Path

Clear a path between your hot tub and the truck and make sure there is a clear exit you can take. You don’t want to face any unexpected obstacles or openings that are too small to fit the tub.

Step Two: Disconnect

Disconnect your hot tub from the electric network. Safely store your power cable in the storage enclosure.

Step Three: Pack Accessories

Gather all hot tub accessories and pack them separately. This includes the heater, pumps, plumbing units, blower, electrical units, etc. Pack each item individually.

Step Four: Drain and Dry

Drain your hot tub according to manufacturer specifications. After the water drains, use towels to dry off every surface as thoroughly as possible.

Step Five: Remove Cover

Remove the hot tub cover and pack it separately to avoid unintentional damage during the moving process.

Step Six: Place Wood Pieces

Together, lift each corner of the spa. Place a 4x4 piece of wood under each corner. Once finished, there should be a large enough gap underneath the tub for the dollies to fit underneath.

Step Seven: Load the Dollies

Slide the dollies underneath the gaps on each side and secure the hot tub using moving straps. This only works if you can move the hot tub on a large, flat surface. If you have to navigate stairs, it will require an appliance dolly with tow straps.

Step Eight: Move the Hot Tub

Carefully move the hot tub to the truck or van. Don’t rush yourself, and make sure the hot tub stays securely fashioned throughout the process. Once the tub is in the truck/van, make sure to strap it in to avoid movement during the trip.

Step 9: Reinstall the Hot Tub

Once you arrive at the tub’s destination, you’ll need to unload, position, and reinstall the hot tub before use. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions for connecting and filling the tub.

Without the right experience, it’s easy to make a mistake that can lead to a damaged hot tub or personal injury. If you are not completely confident in your ability to move the tub safely, it’s best to call a professional who has the right equipment and experience for the job.

At Bullfrog Spas of OKC, we can save you the stress and hassle. Contact us for professional hot tub moving and installation.