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My Tale of a Test Soak


Hot tubs are in movies, backyards in neighborhoods and are primarily showcased to provide time with friends and family, mostly for fun and parties. Monday, October 20, 2014 I spent my first amount of time in a Bullfrog Spa.

After the showroom closed and the last person left, I locked the door and turned on the Elite Audio System to a spa channel on internet radio.  With the adjustment of volume, I eagerly went to slip into my swimsuit.  I dimmed the room’s lights and used only the subtle LED lighting to optimize my spa experience.   There was a tiny amount of fear yet it was enough to make me cautious and pause for a moment before using the control panel.  With two touches I had the lights as I wanted, the jets on high and I could crawl into serenity- the next thirty minutes belonged to me and this Bullfrog Spa A8LSS, “Pearl” (named after the shell color).  It surprised me immediately how easy Pearl was to operate.

Following the instruction and listening to the testimonials of others who have used a Bullfrog Spa, I began in one corner with the Oscillator JetPak. As I sat back and felt the kneading over the entire surface of the back I melted.  Instantly my Type A tense upper body became a malleable palette and every “I forgot to do x” or “What about this?” that runs throughout my brain usually almost non-stop during awake and asleep hours, washed away.  I didn’t care about any of these things, and all I could think about was how many people need to experience a Bullfrog Spa.

Attending training at Bullfrog Spas' home of Salt Lake City had armed me with product knowledge, and seeing firsthand the production coupled with meeting a key Research and Development team member had given me unconditional confidence in sharing this product and its story.  This took all of those things into an entirely new level.  After the song changed I decided to follow clockwise and begin the NeckMasseuse JetPak.  Once again I sank and let my guard down- Pearl had won and conquered the relaxation feat.  Initially it was a tad too much pressure, and then I remembered to reach down and adjust the flow, because, yes, each JetPak has its own flow adjustment.

I looked at the other six seats- empty-and I immediately thought of my family and friends.  Hearing their aches, pains, worries and stress and often consoling them it occurred to me that Pearl could take all of this hurt away and help so many people.  It did feel odd-slightly-to be in the spa alone, but I couldn’t wait to make a complete circuit and visit the Cascadia, Alleviate, Gyro’ssage and Rainshower JetPaks.  My body received various therapies, and every one had its purpose.  Overall, the Rainshower was my favorite JetPak and a great finale to my spa time.

As I reached the corner of the tub on my first circuit of rotating seats, the lounger quickly became one of my favorite features.  The calf and feet massages and overall comfort of reclining represented several minutes of enjoyment. You do not realize how bad you feel until you feel good- physically and emotionally.   After the half hour ended I closed the spa, turned the lights, jets and music off and sauntered back into the dressing area to put back on my day clothes.

Driving home I could not believe how anchored and relaxed I was.  I didn't use the commute as what's ordinarily a time to catch up with a loved one. Instead I truly enjoyed the silence and views of a starry sky.  I walked inside, went straight upstairs and still had a carefree sense of peace.  As I took my heels off I realized how rejuvenated and refreshed all of me was- all because of the spa therapy I had received.

Bullfrog Spas are fun, but these hot tubs are also extremely therapeutic.  The customized therapy and patented JetPaks truly create a total body experience that is also good for the soul.  I look forward to my next time of healing- hopefully you will experience your own and learn the true benefits and differences of a Bullfrog Spa.