Hot Tubs For Every Lifestyle in Oklahoma City

Mental Health and Hot Tubs


Living a healthy lifestyle is more than achieving optimal physical wellness. Mental health is just as important for ensuring longevity and long-term wellness. One’s mental state, levels of stress, anxiety and sleep habits can have severe negative consequences. You can start today and begin a path to improve your total body, mind and spirit’s health.  A bullfrog spa is the perfect foundation to enjoy your wellness retreat in your own home.

Some level of stress is normal. We have seasons and factors in our lives that can alter our stress.  Elevated stress does create immune systems to weaken.  Other undesirable effects include depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep disorders or an uneasy gut.  Twenty minutes of hot tub time added to your day will aid you in clearing your mind.  Bullfrog’s JetPak technology offers personalized therapy and performance.

Everyone, including pets and children, needs time to unwind and relax.  A wonderful habit you can develop is incorporating this deep relaxation and making it a reality for your home life.

Endorphins are  a natural release from our body and a hot tub’s warm, massaging techniques stimulates one to release these “happy” hormones.  Pain receptors are challenged by endorphins; if you find pain among muscles or joints we recommend starting your day off with a soak in the hot tub.  You will be reenergized and well prepared to face what your day holds in store.

Mental health is something you can focus on; develop your own daily routine for winding down, and start as soon as possible. For many a hot tub can calm the mind, elevate moods and help lead you to a good rest.  If a morning or mid-day soak is not feasible, we do suggest using your hot tub 90 minutes before you plan to go to bed.  As always it is important to speak with your healthcare provider(s) about your current state and ideas for hydrotherapy.

A few of our favorite things to incorporate and help you maintain a healthy mentality:

  1. Spend five minutes before you get out of bed for your own quiet time.
  2. Write down the three most important personal and professional goals you have for the day.
  3. Limit time with your computer, tablet or mobile device.  Set 10 minute breaks and walk away or open a motivational book.
  4. Set timers or use your clock and designate walking and stretching breaks throughout your day.
  5. Focus on one thing at a time- easier said than done, right?  Try it.
  6. If you have not soaked in a hot tub yet, try to plan your soak time 90 minutes before your bedtime.
  7. Limit television screen time as well as looking at tablets or mobile devices the last hour prior to bed.
  8. Read positive quotes, inspirational articles, books pertaining to your business
  9. Spritz lavender on your pillowcase or have a fragrance near the bed.