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Let The Buyer Beware


It never ceases to amaze me how people asking for help, cop an attitude when the help doesn't meet their preconceived notions. You bought a hot tub off the internet, and you didn't check the validity of the warranty, nor did you verify a local parts and service provider prior to the purchase. Now, your tub is on the fritz, and there's no one to help, except someone 3 states away, that really has little to no interest in helping. It's an expensive lesson to learn, and I've talked with many people over the years that have learned it, and today, I can add one more frustrated buyer to that list.

To often a percentage of hot tub buyers shop price, and nothing but price. I guess they’re thinking all hot tubs are the same, which could not be farther from a truth. Bargain shopping is fun, and worthwhile when it comes to certain purchases, but it’s never a good practice when buying a hot tub. Make your investment count, spend a little more from a local dealer that sells a reputable brand, made from state of the art materials. Also, make sure they have a service department with a proven track record. In fact, ask to speak with some customer references that have recently had service. Happy Hot Tubbin’!