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How to Relocate Hot Tubs OKC


People who own hot tubs OKC have made an investment in their health and well-being. If you purchased a hot tub, the odds are you will want to bring it with you when you move. The best course of action will be to hire an experienced professional; however, there are a few things to know about relocating hot tubs.

Relocating Hot Tubs in Moore

No matter which type of hot tub you have, there are some basic steps to moving your hot tub.

Measure & Assess

First, get the measurements of your hot tub. The manufacturer should have size information available on recent models, but you may want to take some measurements yourself. Once you know the dimensions, assess your space to make sure you can transport your spa to the moving truck. Hot tub movers in OKC use the spa size and space assessment to ensure that the truck is the correct size. This step will help you prepare everything ahead of time so that there are no surprises on moving day.


Make sure that your hot tub is fully disconnected from the electricity. For plug-in-play spas, this is easier, but you may need the help of a trained electrician for other hot tubs OKC. Additionally, please make sure that you take the time to disconnect and pack away all of the cords. Putting them in water-proof containers will help protect them during the move.

Drain & Dry

Safely moving a spa requires it to be as light as possible, which means all of the water should be removed. Of course, you cannot simply lift up the hot tub and dump the water out of it. Not only is lifting a spa dangerous, but it could also flood your yard. Always follow the directions for draining your hot tub that the manufacturer provides.

After removing the water, it is the perfect time to clean and dry your spa. Wipe it down carefully and dry it to ensure it is not slippery while people are trying to move it.

Plan the Move

Hot tubs in Moore will require different methods to reach the truck. If you have already assessed the location, it is easier to determine if the spa needs to be moved on its side or can lay flat on the dolly. Besides the dolly, the move will require straps to keep the spa steady during transport. Additionally, plywood or something similar will help with initially lifting the hot tub.

Hot tubs require multiple people to move, typically a minimum of four people, possibly more, depending on the size.

Hot Tub Movers in OKC

The steps listed above are just some things to consider when relocating a spa. For professional hot tub movers in the OKC metro, Bullfrog Spas OKC, Tulsa, can take on all of the heavy lifting for you. Our expert team will help ensure that your hot tub arrives at its new location safely. We will also install the spa for you so that you can soak away the stress of your move. Please reach out to schedule your move.