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How to Keep A Hot Tub Clean Without Chemicals


Whether you have sensitive skin or you are concerned about exposing yourself to hazards, you will want to know how to keep a hot tub clean without chemicals. If you are not comfortable keeping hot tub water clean by using chlorine or bromine, there are options that you can look into before purchasing hot tubs OKC.

How to Keep Hot Tub Water Clean Naturally

Keeping hot tub water clean requires you to change your water and clean your spa regularly. Protecting your spa from contaminants is how to keep hot tub water clear. Here are some other practical steps you can take to reduce the need for chemicals.

  • Shower - Taking a shower before getting in your hot tub may seem counterintuitive, but this will prevent contaminants from sweat, bacteria, lotions, and hair products. If you do not bring pollutants with you, you will reduce the amount of sanitation necessary.
  • Filters - Maintaining filters is how to keep hot tub water clear. Make sure to rinse out your hot tub filters weekly, clean them each month, and replace it every year. If you want to use fewer chemicals, you will need to perform these tasks more often.
  • Pump - To reduce contaminants in your water, increase the amount of time you run your pump. Water is more likely to grow bacteria when it is stagnant.
  • Cover - Keep your hot tub covered when it is not being used to prevent debris from falling into the spa.

Salt Water Systems

Installing a salt water system is how to keep hot tub water clean naturally without using any irritating chemicals. The salt in the water will develop into natural chlorine in the tubes of the spa. This system does not require the addition of either chlorine or bromine to keep the water clean. Not only is a salt water system natural, but it is also better for your skin.

If you have any queries about installing salt water systems for hot tubs in Moore, Edmond, or OKC, please contact us, or come see them in-person. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.