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How To Install a Hot Tub: Important Factors Before You Begin


When you purchase a new hot tub OKC, it’s the last thing on your mind is determining the logistics of actually installing this new feature in your backyard. You’re ready to get your dream spa home, set up, and climb inside for a nice, relaxing soak.

Prior to bringing your hot tub home, you need to make sure you have the perfect location set aside for it in your yard. To save you time and stress, here are some important questions to ask yourself to help simplify your life.

Indoors or Outdoors?

While there are benefits to installing a hot tub in your home, the majority of homeowners install their hot tubs outside. For indoor installation, choose a room or location which is well ventilated to handle the humidity and constant smell of chemicals. The room also needs to be equipped to deal with overspill or water leakage.

An indoor location is best for some given the added privacy and protection the interior of your home can offer. Finding a place indoors with a room built to handle the harsh conditions of a hot tub may for some be impossible.

The more popular choice, and the more practical choice for most homeowners, is going with an outdoor location for your hot tub. This option is faster and easier to install, which means quicker access to your hot tub. When considering which location you’d like to place your hot tub, take into consideration how close the hot tub will be to your back door. Come January (and those other freezing months) how far do you want to walk to get into your hot tub?

Find a spot under an overhang, or with some type of protection overhead, to keep the hot tub guarded from direct sunlight and water exposure. Also, consider the aesthetics of your backyard and how you can include a hot tub in your backyard which is visually appealing and blends in with your landscape design. There are many options and ideas out there for creating the ideal hot tub deck or other composition to create the ideal space for you to relax in.

Measuring for Success

The ideal location for a hot tub is on a flat, solid surface that can’t be weakened by water, since water will inevitably end up on the base. Hot tubs are heavy, and it’s absolutely essential you have a base to support the weight. Also, make sure you measure out a space before you buy. Nothing is worse than getting everything ready for installation, just to find out on delivery day that the hot tub doesn’t fit.

Electrical Accessibility

If the best views in your yard are found on the opposite side of the property from your house, you should contact an electrician prior to purchasing your hot tub to be sure electrical lines can safely be run to that location. Electrical access is essential to operate a hot tub so make sure you have access to electricity to save yourself the headache.

Additional Factors to Consider

Regardless where you install your hot tub, make sure it’s been properly childproofed. When placing the hot tub outside, make sure you put your spa on a concrete, stone, or brick platform. When laying the pad for your hot tub to sit on, make sure there are no dips, sags, or any kind of unevenness which may lead to serious problems later on. In some cases, the foundation for your hot tub may slope slightly. If this happens, make sure the slope is pointed away from your home and is no more than a ½” slope per 8” run.

As you consider the hot tub in moore placement and foundation, remember placing your hot tub on grass, dirt, or bark will result in a dirty hot tub much quicker, and let’s face it—you want to spend your time enjoying the benefits, not cleaning your hot tub.