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How To Clean A Hot Tub Cover


Hot tubs in OKC will last longer and run better with covers. However, your cover needs to care if it is going to protect your spa. This is why you should know how to clean a hot tub cover correctly.

How to Clean Hot Tub Covers

Cleaning hot tub covers is a simple process that can be easily overlooked. Here are a few easy steps outlining the best way to clean hot tub covers.


The first step to cleaning hot tub covers is removing them entirely from the hot tub and rinsing them off. Use a hose to rinse off both sides of the cover to remove extra dirt and debris.


The best way to clean hot tub covers is to scrub them down carefully. Use something gentle like a sponge or microfiber cloth. Household cleaners and detergents can damage your hot tub cover, so avoid them. The manufacturer will probably recommend a cleaner, and some people use a water and vinegar solution.

Another Rinse

After gently scrubbing down your hot tub, give it another thorough rinse. Make sure that any cleaning solution is entirely removed.


Once your cover is clean, dry it carefully using a soft, absorbent cloth. Make sure that it is dry on both sides and allow it to dry completely in the air.


Depending on the cover, you can give it some additional protection with a conditioner or UV spray. The manufacturer should recommend the best options for your hot tub cover.


Most covers for hot tubs OKC are made out of vinyl. Should the vinyl on your hot tub cover has a rip or tear in it, you need to address the situation quickly. Once the moisture barrier breaks, your cover can be damaged beyond repair. Regularly check and repair your cover to ensure that it lasts.

Now that you know how to clean hot tub covers, you will be able to ensure that yours will last as long as possible. If you do not have a hot tub cover or need to replace your current one, please contact us ​or visit one of our locations to see our selection.