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How Often Should You Drain Bullfrog Spas in Edmond?


Bullfrog spas in Edmond are an ideal addition to any outdoor living space. In addition to creating a place for you to relax at the end of your day, these features can be an excellent gathering space for friends and family. Of course, before you invest in a new hot tub, it is important to consider its maintenance. In particular, you may wonder how often you need to replace the spa’s water.

With the proper maintenance practices in place, you should only need to drain and refill your Bullfrog Spa a few times a year. While the exact number can vary based on how often you use the hot tub, many experts recommend replacing the water every 3 months.

How Else Should You Maintain Bullfrog Spas in Edmond?

Replacing the water is an essential aspect of taking care of a spa, but it is only part of hot tub maintenance. You should also:

Balance the Chemicals

Whether the cause is lotions, hair products, or simply the fact that the spa is outside, it is all too easy for contaminants to get into a hot tub. If the algae and bacteria build up, the water can become cloudy. To prevent this issue (and keep the spa running smoothly), it is important to regularly sanitize the water and keep the chemicals properly balanced.

Many hot tub suppliers recommend checking the balance once a week. You can use a test strip to examine the water’s total alkalinity, chlorine, bromine, hardness, and pH balance. If needed, you can use supplier-recommended products to keep the water clean and free from unwanted contaminants.

Keep the Filters Clean

As you shop for “hot tubs near me,” look for spas with quality filters. The filters prevent particles from entering the water, allowing the hot tub to run efficiently. To keep everything running smoothly, you will need to regularly clean the filters to stop the build-up of contaminants.

In general, it is best to clean these once a month (of course, this may vary based on how often you use the spa). To do this:

  • Remove the filters to spray them with a hose.
  • Carefully clean each pleat from top to bottom.
  • If needed, use supplier-recommended products.

If the filters are damaged, or you can not get them completely clean, consider replacing them.

Use the Right Cover

Secure the cover on your hot tub when it is not in use; this will block out debris and trap heat (thus increasing energy efficiency). Remember to use the right cover. Patio roofs and pergolas Tulsa are great additions to outdoor spaces, but they are not substitutes for an actual spa cover. Use a cover designed to fit your exact type of hot tub.

You can increase the cover's longevity by using a spa cover protectant. These products can help it withstand harsh elements. Additionally, you may need to replace the cover if it becomes damaged or too old; most spa owners need one or two replacement covers over a hot tub’s lifetime.

Quality Hot Tubs Near Me

If you are searching for quality outdoor features, visit Bullfrog Spas at one of our locations in Edmond, Moore, or Tulsa. Our expert staff is prepared to help you select your ideal spa. We can also help you create your perfect outdoor living space with our customizable pergolas Tulsa. To learn more about our products, please contact us.