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How Often Do You Have to Change the Water in a Hot Tub?


Hot tub maintenance is essential for the longevity of hot tubs OKC and Edmond hot tubs. Proper maintenance will also protect you from bacteria that could be lurking in the water. One of the most important things to consider in your hot tub maintenance is the cleanliness of the water. To ensure that the spa water stays clean, you will need to change it periodically.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Never put off hot tub maintenance. It protects your hot tub as well as yourself. It is not enough to monitor the chemical levels. You need to change the water periodically.


  1. Drain the water completely. Follow the directions for your model for the best results.

2. Clean the shell thoroughly. Again follow the instructions in your manual because household cleaners can cause damage. Some hot tubs only require a damp cloth.

3. Rinse the shell.

4. Take the time to clean out your spa’s filters.

5. Refill the hot tub according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Simply filling it up with a hose could create an airlock and damage your plumbing system.

How Often Do You Change Water in Hot Tubs OKC?


There is not a single answer to this question. Many manufacturers recommend changing the water every three months. This recommendation, however, only applies to traditional chlorine spas. Saltwater hot tubs OKC typically need their water changed roughly every 12 months.

Naturally, these are just rules of thumb. There are times when you will want to clean out your hot tub due to inclement weather and the quality of your water.

Cloudy Water

When the water level is too low, it can become cloudy. Once you see this, there is likely bacteria and debris in your spa. Not only can dangerous bacteria, such as Legionella thrive in this environment, but algae could also begin to grow. If your hot tub becomes cloudy, do not take any chances. Clean the spa before using it again.

Smells and Bubbles

If your water has an abnormal smell, change it immediately. A strange smell could indicate that something is building up in the plumbing, such as biofilm, mildew, or bacteria. Please do not risk it; change out the water to be safe.

Foamy bubbles in your spa are the result of surfactants building up over time. There are ways to address foam, but the best possible solution is to drain and refill your hot tub.

Failing to clean out your hot tub can cause long-term damage. A build-up of dirt, oils, sweat and bodily fluids can develop, leading to water contamination that sanitizer cannot fix. Not only do you risk your health with old spa water, but it too long also leads to supersaturation, which means that there is a build-up of calcium chloride that can get trapped in the hot tub fixtures.

If you have any questions about hot tubs in Edmond or their maintenance, please contact us. We have the products you need to maintain your spa, and we also have an expert service team. We want you to enjoy your hot tub for years to come.