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How Often Do You Change Swim Spas OKC Filters?


Are you researching swim spas OKC? Swim spas are excellent if you want to exercise in a pool and relax in a hot tub. They are also perfect for small spaces where a pool simply will not fit. Of course, any hot tub, swim spa, or pool requires regular care and maintenance. Before choosing a spa, make sure that you know how to look after it.

Swim Spa Tulsa Maintenance

Whether you purchase a Bullfrog Spa's Swim Series or another spa, taking care of your swim spa is essential to ensure its longevity. An integral component of any swim spa or hot tub is the filter. So, how often should you replace the filter in your swim spa? The answer will depend on the model you have and other factors. Here are a few things to consider when searching for "swim spas near me."

Follow the Instructions

Any well-made product will come with an owner's manual. For swim spas, the manual should include the type of filter you will need as well as a suggestion on how often you should change it. Every brand of swim spa Tulsa is different, but a general rule of thumb is to change the filter every six months.

Consider Your Use

Over time, debris and contaminants from oils in the skin will begin to accumulate in the water and plumbing system. This build-up can be harmful to your health and eventually damage your swim spa. Maintaining the water chemistry and filter will protect your well-being and your swim spa's plumbing.

Remember that your owner's manual bases its maintenance schedule on the average user. You should check your filter regularly before the six months to make sure that it is still clean enough to function properly. If not, you may need to rinse or replace it, depending on the type of spa and filter you use.

Bullfrog Swim Spas OKC

Bullfrog's Swim Series swim spas are created with the quality and aesthetics you expect from Bullfrog Spas, including an EduraFrame and JetPak therapy system. The Swim Series also includes the Simplicity Filtration System, which uses the only flat filter on the market. The filtration system is in the spa's wall and has a dual intake. As a result, there is extra space available for seating and skimming the water's surface is much more convenient. Additionally, the filters do not require rinsing or spraying. Simply switch them out when it is time for a new filter.

Choosing a Swim Spas Near Me

At Bullfrog Spas OKC Tulsa, we have three convenient locations where you are welcome to come view our selection and ask any questions you may have about swim spas and their maintenance. As one of the select dealers who carry swim spas, our team is ready to assist you in your search for the perfect spa for your home. With the best quality swim spas and hot tubs on the market, you can be certain that your choice will last for years to come.