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How Long Should You Stay in a Hot Tub?


There is nothing like relaxing in your personal spa, but how long should you stay in a hot tub? However, the answer depends on several factors, which you need to consider for your safety and the safety of your family.

How Long Can You Stay in a Hot Tub?

Before shopping for hot tubs in Edmond, consider the following factors:

  • Are you pregnant? Pregnant women need to avoid hot tubs altogether unless it is close to their body temperature, and they should consult their doctor.
  • Do you have young children? Infants and young children should avoid hot tubs. Older children need to limit their time.
  • How is your overall health? Hot tubs are safe for healthy adults, but some conditions may require less time in the hot tub.

All of these answers will answer the question, “How long should you be in a hot tub?”

Healthy Adults

Most adults keep their hot tubs between 100 and 104 degrees F when they use them. When the temperature is this high, make sure to get out at least every 30 minutes to cool down and reduce the risk of dehydration. If the water is normal body temperature, feel free to stay in longer.

Children and Adults with Health Issues

How long can you stay in a hot tub with children or if you have a health condition? It is best to keep the temperature lower, between 98 and 100 degrees F. At this temperature, they are safe for 15 minutes. If the temperature is higher, limit them to five minutes. Never leave children unsupervised in a hot tub, regardless of the temperature.

Certain health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, require a discussion with a doctor. A physician will be able to determine what limitations are necessary. Whether you have a health condition or not, always leave a hot tub if you feel lightheaded or any signs of dehydration.

So, how long should you be in a hot tub? The answer depends on you. If you have any questions about hot tubs in Edmond or how to control your hot tub’s temperature, please contact us​.