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Hot Tubs on the Big Screen

By , January 8, 2015

Here are some of our favorite scenes featuring hot tubs.   The common theme is fun and humor- we are certain a hot tub adds to the comedy's hilarity. 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Hot Tub Scene: Ferris and his girlfriend, Sloane, relax in a hot tub after they have successfully ditched school together.  They are having a conversation in the hot tub while their friend, Cameron, is in the adjacent swimming pool. Fearing his looming punishment from his parents Cameron soaks in the pool a tad too long and needs rescuing.

Saturday Night Live: James Brown’s Celebrity

One of our favorite scenes: Young Eddie Murphy writes the first known tune to hot tubs: "Should I get in the hot tub? (Yeah!) Will it make me sweat? (Yeah!) Should I get in the hot tub? (Yeah!) Will it make me wet? (Yeah!)

Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd and Harry's heart-shaped tub for two is filmed at a honeymoon hotel while the two are Aspen bound. A concerned Lloyd inquires: "What's the matter, Har? Some little filly break your heart?" To which Harry responds with "No, it was a girl."

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods’ infamous Harvard Law School application video features her opening in a hot tub.  Her pink sequin bikini and “dumb blonde” persona makes a hot tub the perfect opening for a great, laughable scene- and a memorable and successful application.

Hot tubs can set the tone in the movies or even in your own backyard.  A Bullfrog Spa will bring years of good times and laughter to your home.  Some of our clients have movie nights or watch their favorite shows- even football – and some tell us they do while in their Bullfrog Spa.