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Hot Tubs- Misconceptions and Reality


I hear the stigmas and underlying tones of bad tastes in mouths from “the old days” of hot tubs and the difficulty with spa maintenance.  The game has changed-drastically.  What once was testing chemicals, draining and refilling, having a nasty film around the top edge of the water, and working at enjoying the spa more than the actual time enjoying a hot tub experience can now be part of the past.  This week’s Hot Tub Blog features correcting the misconceptions associated with hot tub ownership while presenting a new reality.

            I’ve heard it’s a lot of time to maintain a hot tub. MISCONCEPTION

Reality: The right pH balance, alkalinity and the consistent maintenance of optimal water results in a perfect setting that truly requires minimal work.  Here at Bullfrog Spas of OKC when you purchase a Bullfrog spa, or if you consult with us about your existing hot tub we will coach you on finding this balance.  Your water’s condition, hard or soft, source as a well or city water, frequency of usage are some  of the factors that can impact your  chemical treatment and maintenance system.

Hot tubs leak and breakdown-lots! MISCONCEPTION

Reality: Bullfrog Spas are truly engineered perfectly.  With  up to 90% less plumbing and a pipeless water-air mainfold, a Bullfrog Spa truly creates the best balance for functionality, therapy, and to operate in a quality-oriented, efficient system.  Our patented system and structure attests to being a spa engineered like no other.  The JetPak Therapy System has a simplified water connection bulkhead, fewer connection points and reduced line friction-efficiency.  Efficient water delivery means there is no confusing, problem-causing diverter valves.

            Hot Tubs need staining and often deteriorate over time. MISCONCEPTION

Reality:  A Bullfrog Spa has Enduraframe, which is 100% wood-free construction.  There is a Lifetime Warranty on EnduraFrame.  It won’t rot, deteriorate, twist or warp.  This is a reliable and solid ABS spa base, which is engineered for harsh outdoor conditions.  Another great thing is this foundation is rodent resistant.

It's time to enjoy a worry-free spirit about maintaining your hot tub and truly focus on your fun, health and wellness!  Bullfrog Spas.....Engineering Perfected. A test soak or consultation is a phone call away: 405-605-5330.