Hot Tubs For Every Lifestyle in Oklahoma City

Hot Tubs and the State Fair of Oklahoma


Hot Tub companies and salespeople frequent The State Fair of Oklahoma.  While taking a break from rides or buying food you only get once a year, vendors and multiple booths don the expo buildings. Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City can advise you on making a decision.

Home improvements and holiday times are near; it's the time of year for entertaining and neighborhood parties.  Are you thinking of buying a hot tub?  The smells of corn dogs, children screaming from atop a ferris wheel, competitors belting tunes from karaoke can all hinder your judgment.

At Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City we take a personalized, consultative approach to find the perfect hot tub spa for your property, budget and life.

Knowing your property, measurements, and indoor or outdoor space, foundation underneath the tub and access to electricity are all things to consider.  If you want a hot tub to relax after a hard day's work, entertain the neighbors, or to incorporate after your workout Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City has options to fit your needs perfectly.

Understanding your budget and educating you on the ongoing costs of maintaining a hot tub are our specialties.  The State Fair of Oklahoma exhibits often offer "special pricing."  This does not necessarily always indicate a savings.  Consider the efficiency of the hot tub as well as maintenance. Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City offers energy efficient, plumbing friendly, completely upgradeable and customizable hot tubs.  Our spas include removable JetPaks, which are interchangeable and can target over 16 different areas of focus.   Bullfrog Spas of Oklahoma City services, sells and relocates hot tubs and offers a complete line of spa chemicals and accessories.

We encourage you to visit our location for a no-hassle, obligation-free consultation.  You can custom design and build the hot tub of your dreams at