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Hot Tub Troubleshooting

How To Troubleshoot Your Hot Tub

Spa Overheating

It is normal for the spa water temperature to rise in hot weather.

Adjust the spa’s filtration cycles to three hours a day maximum and one hour per day during hot weather to keep the water cooler. Run cycles later in the evening or early morning hours when the temperature is cooler.

Open the cover for a few minutes so the water can cool down. Repeat as necessary. However, do not leave your hot tub unattended with an open cover.

If the control panel displays OHH, the thermometer has detected spa water temperature above 110 degrees F. Do not use your hot tub until it cools. Take the steps above to cool your spa water to below 106 degrees F first.

Spa Not Heating

If your water temperature is low, check the thermostat to determine if it was turned down or set on low heat. Adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature or select a high heat range.

A common reason for your spa temperature to stay low is that the high limit sensor tripped. Pressing any button on the control panel will reset the system.

If these tips do not work, your heating system may be defective. Contact us for further diagnosis.

GFCI Breaker Tripping

Warning: You must be a qualified electrician and/or service technician to diagnose, or severe injury or death can result in high voltage components being used.

If the spa was installed recently, the most common reason would be the Load Neutral (white wire) between the spa and GFCI. This wire must be connected to the Load Neutral port in the GFCI breaker. If this wire is connected to the neutral busbar, the breaker will trip when you start it. The breaker will trip if the neutral connection has contact with the ground on the load side.

Pump Burning Smell and Noise

A burning smell or excessive noise means your pump motor is defective. This can happen from extreme run times or running the pump during high outside temperatures. Please reach out to replace the pump.

Pump Burning Smell and Noise

A burning smell or excessive noise means your pump motor is defective. This can happen from extreme run times or running the pump during high outside temperatures. Please reach out to replace the pump.

Controls Not Working

If your control pad and equipment are not operating, you have no electrical power to your hot tub. Turn on or reset your GFCI circuit breaker. If this fails to solve the problem, have a qualified electrician check for issues.

Another reason your control pad and equipment will fail to work is if the fuse (20 or 30A depending on the system) has blown. Contact us for repair or replacement.

Jets Not Working

Check your water level if your jets are turning on and off. It may be too low. Adjust the water level to reach the indication mark on the faceplate of the filter assembly. Next, look at your filters because they may be dirty. Clean or replace them if necessary.

Ensure that the valves are open if jets seem weak or are not working. JetPaks have valves at the bottom that open and close by turning the valve. Adjustable jets on M Series, A Series, R Series, and STIL spas open and close by turning the jet face. Adjustable jets on X Series spas open and close by rotating the outer ring.

Next, check the suction fitting(s), which should be located at the bottom of your spa shell. They can get blocked. Remove any debris you find.

If your jets are not working after filling your spa, you may have an airlock in the pump.

Fix an Airlock

Prevent airlocks when filling your spa by opening all valves in the JetPaks and all other jets in the spa before filling them. This ensures as much air as possible can escape from the system. Fill your spa through the filter. Take the filter cap off and put the hose directly in the filter. You will find instructions in the Owners Manual.
Prime the pumps immediately after filling to ensure you have the correct operation and remove airlocks. You can verify the home status screen on the panel.

Press the “Jets 1” button once to prime at low speed to prime the pumps. After the pump turns on and you see water is visibly flowing, wait a few seconds and then press “Jets 1” again to initiate the highspeed operation of Pump 1. The pump has primed when you see water flowing from the jets.

If your hot tub has a second jet pump, repeat the process for Pump 2 by pressing the “Jets 2” once to turn on low speed and then a second time to turn Pump 2 on high.

If you have a 3rd pump, press the “Jets 3” button to prime the third jet pump. All the pumps are primed when water comes from the jets associated with each pump.

Sometimes, priming the pumps will not remove an airlock. Next, remove the front panel and find the pump with the airlock. The wet-end of the pump has a bleed valve—you can loosen this until all air escapes and the water begins to drip out. You can loosen the union on the pump to release the air until you can see water. Do work while the pump is running. If you need help or the problem does not resolve, contact us.