Hot Tubs For Every Lifestyle in Oklahoma City

Hot Tub or Pool?


Is a Hot Tub or a Pool the best choice for your home?  Water therapy and family time are both great reasons to consider making your backyard a wet retreat.  You may have had conversations about purchasing a hot tub or swimming pool and perhaps have even done some shopping.  There are things to consider when thinking of what water may be best for your home.


Consider the size needed in your yard. While a pool offers more space for people to float or play water volleyball, being far apart may not be so great.  Smaller pools are available, but they do require a lofty budget.


An above ground portable hot tub can cost as little as a few thousand dollars, or a full size in ground pool can be $50,000 or more, often times much more than that. The range of cost is so broad that it is extremely difficult to compare the two.  Preparing your yard for a pool and leveling are all costly preparations.  Materials, labor, add-on’s, size/depth of the pool and the condition of your backyard all can create more of an expense.


Upkeep costs are another area where pools and hot tubs may be more similar than different, depending on your usage.  Consider the amount of time vacuuming or sweeping leaves/dead bugs from a pool and the fact that it’s uncovered during its season of use-typically.

Hot tubs also require chemicals, but a Bullfrog Spa is 90% more efficient than any other hot tub.  And adding an ozone purification system will assist you by lowering the amount of needed chemicals, prolonging the tub equipment and optimizing your water conditions.


Hydrotherapy creates the distinct advantage over a pool. Hot water dilates blood vessels while circulation improves. Pain lessens as joints and bones are flushed with newly circulated blood. An increase in blood flow, created by hydrotherapy, also has shown to reduce blood pressure -a person will sleep better and more deeply. A pool simply does not have water hot enough, not to mention jet therapies strong enough to provide your hydrotherapy.


A heated pool is more costly than a non-heated pool.  Depending on weather, at best you can expect a solid three months of pool usage.  A hot tub is something that can provide hydrotherapy and fun year-round.  Adjusting the temperature allows you to get more time throughout all seasons from your hot tub.

If space or cost is an issue an above ground spa does an excellent job of meeting your water recreational needs.  Numerous hydrotherapy benefits and multiple therapies available through  Bullfrog Spas’ JetPak Technology are just the beginning of a multitude of reasons hot tub ownership will benefit you.