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Giving Back: Bullfrog Spas of OKC offers more than hot tubs


Bullfrog Spas of OKC is a locally owned hot tub dealership.  Our corporate location is Salt Lake City, UT, established in 1996 and has a strong international network of authorized dealers.  We believe this is the best of both worlds: you have local community presence and can conduct business with a team you will know, like and trust.  On the other hand, through Bullfrog Spas’ corporate team we have resources that are endless and provide our customers increased peace of mind while shopping with us.  Our hot tubs are constantly evolving and the new STIL  is a force to be reckoned with-especially for those who enjoy contemporary, modern taste. (Recently it received an iF Design award.)  Bullfrog Spas has perfected quality, its patented JetPak Therapy system as well as the overall hot tubs' efficiency.  By shopping with us you will receive the benefits of a reputable company with constant research and development, top-notch warranty programs, consultative and professional sales staff who are honorable, etc.

Our Bullfrog Spas of OKC staff is committed to education, and we value the hot tub research and questions about maintenance and ownership people come to us with-in fact, we welcome them.  Beyond that, our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction extends after the sale and our help and interest in overall health and happiness expands over years.We impact lives after delivery and installations of our hot tubs

Locally supporting our clients’ businesses, the causes that touch their hearts and learning about their interests, and yes, we talk about water chemistry and how much they love their Bullfrog Spa.  These are founding principles of our leadership and why we have gratitude and referrals from Bullfrog Spa owners.  At Bullfrog Spas of OKC we lead our business with the same beliefs our parents instilled in us- and we are passing fundamentals down to our children.

One of the philanthropic local events we support is Ladies Night Out or LNOKC.  LNOKC, which focuses on empowering Oklahoman’s, has developed into one of the premier networking events for business professionals across the metro.  Initially the events were only female attended.  Due to its popularity and the discovery of our community’s desire to support the selected causes, men have also attended some of the 2014 events and will be included in a few of 2015’s.

April’s event will be “Ladies and Gents” held Tuesday April 21 at Waters Edge Winery, 712 N. Broadway.  Board members include Donna Allen, Residential Real Estate Agent of Berkshire Hathaway, Pam Battle, Managing Director of Opes Advisors, Meg Busteed, Reverse Mortgage Specialist of CMG Financial, Sarah Edwards, Owner of Waters Edge Winery  Bullfrog Spas of OKC’s Julie Elerick and Ashley Stephens of BOK Mortgage.

Tuesday’s event will support Family Builders.  For information on its help the organization services parents, families, individuals and community groups impacted by abuse or family violence.

For more information on LNOKC and the April event you can visit here, and There's a link to an Invitation to Forward available via this link.

If you have an upcoming event or cause you care about please contact us at (405) 605-5330.  For further information on LNOKC and the April event you can visit here, and here's an Invitation to Forward available via this link.