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Do Swim Spas Oklahoma Use a Lot of Electricity?


Swim spas Oklahoma are a perfect way to get in a low-impact workout before taking the time to relax in a hot tub setting. If you are researching swim spas OKC or swim spas Tulsa, there are several things to consider. One topic to keep in mind is the cost of electricity.

Swim Spas Tulsa

There are many different types of swim spas, and the electrical requirements and usage will vary between them. Additionally, differences in electrical rates will also factor into the cost of running a swim spa.

Bullfrog Swim Series

For the best swim spas Oklahoma, check out the Swim Series from Bullfrog Spas. These swim spas will need a 220V/240V power source. While this will result in consistent energy use, the spas are built with the quality to ensure a long life as well as energy use. Here are a few features that come with the Swim Series.

As a creator of energy-saving hot tubs, the swim series continues to have the same high standards. The shell of these swim spas OKC are constructed with a proprietary urethane material meant to last for years and reduce the impact on the environment. Types of Urethane can be used as insulation to conserve energy. Of course, the Swim Series has its own insulation to help keep your energy rates as low as possible. Lower quality swim spas may seem more affordable at first, but the cost of a shorter lifespan, greater energy use, and more frequent repairs.

How to Reduce Energy Costs

Adding any new appliances to your home will increase your energy bill. However, there are steps you can take to help keep your energy use down.

Do Not Turn Off Your Swim Spa

It may seem counterintuitive, but leaving your swim spa on will keep your electric bill down. If you turn it off or take the temperature down too far, the swim spa will require more energy to come back to the desired temperature. The best time to turn off a swim spa is before draining it.

Covers and Thermal Blankets

Covering your swim spa will not only keep it clean but will also help keep the temperature steady. Floating thermal blankets are also available to help the water reach the desired temperature faster and with less energy.

Turn Down the Thermostat

While you should turn off your swim spa, taking it down a couple of degrees when you are not using it will definitely have an impact on your electric bill.

Maintain Your Swim Spa

Keeping up with regular care and maintenance for your swim spa will increase its lifespan and ensure that it runs efficiently. An efficient swim spa is much better for your electric bill than one with a dirty, worn-out filter.

If you are interested in purchasing a Swim Series from Bullfrog Spas, we invite you to contact us at any of our locations in Oklahoma. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best model for your home.