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Do Hot Tubs OKC Help Arthritis?


Experts recommend heat therapy and hydrotherapy to reduce the pain associated with arthritis symptoms. The heat from hot tubs OKC at Bullfrog Spas in Edmond can be beneficial. However, before picking out a hot tub near I-40, take the time to discover how it can help and exactly what you need from a spa.

Hot Tubs OKC and Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is simply using water to help alleviate symptoms associated with various ailments. Warm water is well-known to reduce joint and muscle pain, which is why many people with arthritis use hot tubs or swim spas to aid in managing their symptoms. The warm water and circulating jets in hot tubs OKC benefit overall wellness. While not a medical treatment, soaking in a spa can positively impact the lives of arthritis patients. Here are a few ways hydrotherapy alleviates pain.

  • Buoyancy - The buoyancy from the water takes the weight off painful joints, temporarily reducing the stress placed on them.
  • Stress - Taking a dip in soothing, warm water helps the body and mind release stress and tension.
  • Endorphins - Hydrotherapy can help the body release endorphins. When endorphins increase, they improve mood and naturally alleviate pain.
  • Bloodflow - Bullfrog Spas in Edmond will help improve blood flow. Not only will this loosen tight muscles and joints, but it will also aid the body in the healing process.
  • Sleep - The relaxing effects of using a spa can improve sleep, which often eludes those who suffer from chronic pain. For the best results, it is a good idea to use the hot tub in the evenings before bed.

How to Use a Hot Tub

Before embarking on any hydrotherapy, always talk with your physician. Any comorbidities that affect the heart may require reducing the temperature of the water or the length of time someone spends in the hot tub. Once you know the parameters for using your spa, keep a few things in mind.


Keep yourself hydrated. While you are in the water, it is easy not to notice when you become dehydrated. However, the heat from the spa will increase the chance of dehydration.


Ensure there are no tripping hazards near your hot tub and that you will step out onto a slip-resistant surface. Additionally, avoid the spa if you have open wounds or an illness.

Time and Temperature

Check the temperature of the water before you get in. Most hot tubs are around 100 degrees F, but that temperature may need to be lower for specific conditions. Additionally, while 15-30 minutes is safe for most healthy adults to spend in a spa, your time may be different. Know your time limit, and make sure that you stick to it.

Once you are ready to begin your search for a hot tub near I-40, take a look at Bullfrog Spas in Edmond. Our team is prepared to help you find the ideal hot tub or swim spa so that you can reap all of the health benefits of hydrotherapy.