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Do I Need a Permit for a Hot Tub in Moore?


If you are looking for hot tubs in Edmond, a hot tub in Oklahoma City, or hot tubs in Moore, it is always wise to find out if you need a permit before having the hot tub installed. If you are researching “hot tubs near me,” check your city and county’s guidelines no matter where you live.

When Do I Need a Permit?

Each city and county has its own guidelines governing permits. Any home improvement project could need a permit. A permit is required to ensure that any updates to a homeowner’s property are compliant with the local building and zoning codes. The purpose is to ensure the safety of the homeowner as well as anyone working on the project.

While most places require a permit for installing a pool, permits for hot tubs are more likely to vary by area.

Hot Tub in Oklahoma City Permits

So, do “hot tubs near me” require permits? Here is how you find out:

  • Make sure that you verify which city and county you live in first.
  • Check your local government website for information. Most websites will have the permits online for you to download.
  • Give the city or county a call to double-check the requirements.

Calling is always the best way to make sure you have the correct information concerning required permits. The rule may have changed since the website was last updated. Additionally, you want to ensure that your spa does not violate any regulations. For example, would a swim spa be considered a hot tub in your area?

How to Get a Permit

If you do need a permit, the process is relatively simple:

  • Fill out the application.
  • Prepare the area for the hot tub.
  • Schedule an appointment and get approval from the city or county. Hot tubs are typically easier to approve than full construction projects.
  • Obtain your permit.
  • Schedule the inspection. Each area has different requirements for the inspection process.
  • Receive final approval after installation.
  • Remember that the process will vary by location. This is just a general guideline.

Why Get a Permit

If you discover that you do need a permit to install your hot tub in Oklahoma City or a swim spa, it may be tempting to skip the process. However, permits exist for a reason. Failing to get one can backfire in the long run. If you were to be reported to the city, you risk paying a higher price for the permit. The city could also remove the spa to confirm that any new wiring or plumbing is up-to-code.

Permits also play an important role when you are in the process of selling a home. Not having a permit may reduce the sale value of your home. Additionally, buyers may require you to bring everything up to code.

If you are researching hot tubs in Edmond, the staff at Bullfrog Spas OKC will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out or visit one of our locations.