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Create a World You Love: Valentine's Day


The health benefits of hot tubs are endless.  The escape from reality and time for yourself while you soothe the soul is unquantifiable.  With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, whether you are single or attached, a parent or not, a Bullfrog Spa will bring you and yours years of healthy happiness together.

Date nights, designer sunglasses, or chocolates and roses are among some of the gifts people usually give their sweetheart.  But these gifts can be costly, unhealthy, or enjoyed by one person only.   People expect to receive gifts they hint about.  We challenge you to surprise and do what is unexpected- the best gifts are those we cannot measure, predict or fathom how much we can use or enjoy.

A Bullfrog Spa is the perfect way to say “Be Mine” on Valentine’s Day! Just as you are unique and an individual, why would you buy a gift for yourself or a loved one that is ordinary and “expected!?!”  With 16 JetPak therapies, only our hot tubs can enhance your experience!  Bullfrog Spas transform a simple night at home into a luxurious night of romance and relaxation.

Our customers tell us daily how much they enjoy connecting and feeling better-alone or together.  The consistent theme among all of our spa owners is that they did not realize how much they would fall in love with the Bullfrog Spa in their home!

Don’t take our word for it- Here are the Love Letters we have received from Bullfrog Spa owners.