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Create a Backyard Escape with Advice from Oklahoma City Experts


Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about all the ways you get the look and feel you have always wanted in your backyard. Whether you have an upcoming grilling party or just want to be under the stars with your sweetheart, you want your backyard to be a place where you can relax and show off to your friends and family.

But how do you get your porch or deck to be that relaxing oasis you have been dreaming of?

Creating a backyard escape by decorating around your hot tub is easier than you might think. You will want to consider décor, placement, greenery, themes and many others before you start your project. But why not turn to the Oklahoma City expert in patio and deck design to help you bring your ideas to life.

Set the theme by choosing some patio furniture:

JC’s Swanson’s Fireplace and Patio Shop  is a patio, garden, deck and pool furniture store located in Edmond that carries furniture designs that are aimed at bringing your theme ideas to reality.

Expert tip:

An easy way to create your dream patio is to make effective use of the space you have. We recommend placing your furniture so that you don’t create unusable voids. For example, don’t place furniture across a corner; put a chair in the corner, effectively using that space, instead of wasting it. We’re also fans of using smaller tables on your patio, which can be used singly, or combined when you need more serving space.

Rock the look with some lush landscaping and add some ambient lighting:

Whether you are looking for natural springs look or to fire up your outdoor kitchen for your family grill out, Havenscapes offer everything from design and installation, outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting, fire pits and fireplaces, pergolas and pavilions.

Expert tip:

What’s the secret to creating your dream landscape? Make sure the space reflects what you love. An outdoor kitchen isn’t much use if you don’t like to cook, but can be the perfect solution for a family that loves spending time together over food. A trained landscape designer will marry your interests with your space to deliver the best possible landscaping options.

Place the pots and grow your romantic resting place:

Photo credit: from David Hillock, the assistant extension specialist, in consumer horticulture and state master gardener coordinator at the Oklahoma Gardening TV show

When it comes to plants you not only need to grow them but also you should decide where you want to place them to enhance the aesthetics around your hot tub. But not everyone has a green thumb. Lucky for us who don’t know, Oklahoma State University has a TV show and a blog that provides us with tips that are easy to put into practice.

Expert tip: Expert tips: from David Hillock, the assistant extension specialist, in consumer horticulture and state master gardener coordinator in the Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, home of the Oklahoma Gardening TV show:

For choosing the plants you want to plant around your hot tub, you can use perennials or annuals to provide lots of color. Many shrubs which provide year-round interest, including colorful twigs, foliage, flowers and sometimes even fruit may also be used. However, I recommend not placing large plants such as trees around your hot tub; due to the potential of falling leaves, twigs, or fruit, which will require constant cleanup. For a limited space use container gardening.

Tips for container gardening:

•Use any container you would like but be sure it has good drainage.

•Select a quality potting soil; keep in mind as for anything you will get what you pay for so, it is definitely worth the investment to spend the extra money to ensure healthy and vigorous plants.

• When choosing plants for your site, consider the exposure, i.e., full sun or shade, southern exposure or northern exposure, wind exposure, etc., and select plants suitable for those conditions.

The university also has a program that rates the best plants for the growing conditions in Oklahoma. So, be sure to consider this list when choosing your selection.

Here are more ideas for setting up the mood you desire around your hot tub:

If you have a place where you can put your hot tub with a view, we like this set up. Why not watch the sun set as you relax and take in the fresh air? Drapery can add a screen of privacy and also create a romantic landscape.  Perfect for privacy, daytime or night, or for the purpose of shielding the sun, there are various fabrics and ways to display them. Plants can coordinate with your décor, theme and in some instances serve as a method to mask the hot tub’s cabinet and create a partial in-the-ground look.

 Expert tip:

We recommend considering the focal point of your hot tub’s location.  Think about the time of day and primary reasons for your use. Consider the safety and the flow of traffic from your patio to the path of the hot tub to help you determine some of the aesthetic decisions.

Whether you are looking for a romantic look or a natural spring feel, we would love to help you find the best hot tub to fit the theme you are looking for.