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Can You Exercise in a Spa in Winter?


You might want to think twice about taking a swim with winter weather surrounding you. Fortunately, Bullfrog Spas in Edmond can help you find the benefits of cold weather and exercise.

Benefits of Cold Weather

Cold weather can help improve your health in different ways. See a few of them below.

Improved Sleep

Several studies show that sleeping in a cold room will help you fall asleep faster while also improving the quality of your sleep.

Increase Cognition

Cold weather has been shown to increase brain function. If you need to think clearly, a step outside into the winter weather just might do the trick.

Work the Heart

When people exercise in the cold, the heart kicks into gear faster to speed up bringing warmth to the body. Of course, always discuss exercise with a doctor if you have a heart condition.

Spa Exercises

Few people want to swim with winter upon them. You can still keep moving in your spa if you're going to stay limber in the water. Here are some ways to keep moving when it gets cold outside.

  • Move your feet: Extend your legs while seated and hold onto the back of the spa. Peddle your feet like you would a bicycle.
    You can also bend and straighten your legs.
  • Work the abs: Bend your knees to your chest while seated and extend them back out.
  • Stretch your shoulders: Shoulder rolls while standing in your hot tub are ideal for loosening your neck, back, and shoulders.
  • Twist: Submerge your shoulders, cross your arms, and twist your abdominal muscles right and left. Return to the center with each twist. Keep your shoulders relaxed as your work your oblique muscles.
You can also bring bands into the spa to give exercises you usually do on land a little more resistance. Naturally, hot tubs are slippery, so be careful when performing any movement in one.
Spas are not just for the summer. Visit Bullfrog Spas in Edmond or Moore to see our selection and find a hot tub that will help you stay active and then relax when you are done.