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Can I Move My Hot Tub with Hot Tub Movers OKC?


Whether you have a hot tub designed to comfortably hold a few people or a large swim spa perfect for exercise, it takes careful planning and effort to relocate these outdoor features safely. If you are unsure about moving your spa yourself, or your moving company does not specialize in these features, hiring hot tub movers OKC may be your ideal solution.

Benefits of Hiring Hot Tub Movers OKC

There are many advantages of partnering with movers with experience relocating hot tubs in Moore. For example:

  • These professionals are trained on the best practices for hot tub de-installation, transportation, and re-installation. Because this expertise is combined with the proper tools and equipment, you can be assured that your hot tub will come to your new home without any damage.
  • If you have never moved a hot tub, you may not realize how heavy these features are. You could injure yourself or others if you use the wrong equipment or lift improperly. Experienced movers know how to safely pack and transport spas while avoiding potential accidents.
  • Once the hot tub reaches your new home, the movers can ensure it is installed properly. This can involve finding the ideal location, determining whether the area is structurally sound, and ensuring the hot tub is close enough to the needed electrical connections.

What to Know When Relocating Hot Tubs in Moore

As with other parts of the moving process, there are a few things you can do to ensure that each step goes as smoothly as possible.

How to Prepare for the De-Installation

The water in your hot tub should be drained before it is moved. You can speed up the relocation process by draining the spa before the movers come. Also, keep a clear path between the hot tub and your driveway. When you schedule the move, consider asking the movers if there is anything else you should do to prepare.

How to Prepare for the Re-Installation

There are a few more things to consider before your hot tub can be installed at your new home. In particular, once you choose the location, you need to create a good delivery path:

  • The path should be clear of obstructions. Gas meters, A/C units, awnings, overhanging tree limbs, and the like could make it difficult for the movers to reach the area.
  • Consider whether you need to remove parts of your gates or fences. If the fence of a neighboring property gets in the way, contact the property owner to see if you could temporarily remove part of the fence.
  • See if the movers would have to go up or down stairs. An alternate path may be necessary if there are more than six consecutive steps without a landing.
  • Consider the available room for turning. Spas are large features, so if any 90° turns are included in the delivery path, measure them to ensure the spa can fit through.

A crane may be needed to lift the spa to its destination if there is not enough space for a good path. In these situations, the movers will determine if the surrounding power lines are at a safe height for this.

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