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Few things matter when it comes to how long you'll enjoy your spa. Therefore, you can save yourself some time when shopping by asking a few questions.

- Does the spa have a sturdy base that will withstand weather changes, corrosion, moves, and critters?
- Is the material used for the frame food or housing for any critters?
- Will the frame resist corrosion, warping, moving, and time?

The reason those questions are so important is because things like pumps, heaters, ozone generators, control boards, etc, have a life span. At some point you'll need to replace certain components, that's just the nature of mechanical devices. If you purchase a hot tub that is built using materials that don't rot, rust, warp, in essence deteriorate, then you can confidently replace those components keeping your spa for decades. That's not the case with hot tubs made using materials that diminish in structural integrity over time, and some of those materials diminish in just a few short years.

Buying a hot tub is a major investment for some people, and it can be made a wise investment if you look first at what materials were used to manufacture the spa.